DG Vanzara’s letter to chief secretary, Gujrat government

Vanzara accuses Gujarat govt of treachery and treason
Vanzara said if Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia can give multiple promotions to accused cop Dinesh M N, what prevents her Gujarat counterpart from following suit.
D G Vanzara, IPS, DIG of Police (Retired), 502, Flamingo Apartment, Veronica road, Bandra West, Mumbai Date: 01/05/2015

To, Shri G R Aloria, IAS Addl. Chief Secretary Government of Gujarat Home department Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar

Subject: Promoting the accused police officers and men of (i) Shohrabuddin-Tulsiram encounter case, (ii) Sadik Jamal encounter case and (iii) Ishrat Jahan encounter case into the next higher grades/ranks.

Reference: Superseding Shri PP Pandey, IPS, whereby depriving him and other officers of the next promotions to the higher grades/ranks.


I, undersigned D.G.Vanzara, IPS, DIG of Police (Retired) hereby to most respectfully submit that I was released on bail on 18/02/2015 from judicial custody in (i) Shohrabuddin-Tulsiram encounter case as well as (ii) that of Ishrat Jahan encounter case, after serving almost 5 years of imprisonment both in Taloja Central Prison, Maharashtra and Sabarmati Central Prison in Gujarat. Similarly almost all police officers and men, barring few, are also released on bail after serving long periods of imprisonment in different jails of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Meantime, some officers, including me, are retired from service due to reaching superannuation during their imprisonment period itself, while certain other officers who are yet not retired are reinstated into the service after their getting released on bail. All these reinstated officers and men have become overdue for their next promotions, some of them are due for more than one promotions. Their promotions are kept in abeyance as per the sealed cover procedure. Accordingly, following officers and men of Gujarat have applied/are to apply to the government as well as to other relevant competent authorities for the next rank of promotion/promotions on parity with that of co-accused SP, Shri Dinesh M N, who is given three promotions at one go by the government of Rajasthan. The copy of the said order is enclosed as A/1.

They are: 1) Shri P.P. Pandey, ADG, who is due for next one promotion of DGP; 2) Shri Rajkumar Pandian, SP, who is due for next three promotions of selection grade, DIGP and IGP; 3)Shri A.D. Chudasama, SP, who is due for next two promotions of selection grade and DIGP; 4) Shri Vipul Agraval, SP, who is due for next one promotion of selection grade; 5)Shri G L Singhal, SP, who is due for next one promotion of selection grade; 6)Shri N K Amin, DySP, who is due for his selection into IPS and next two promotions for SP and selection grade; 7)Shri B R Chaubey, PI, who is due for next one promotion of DySP; 8)Shri N V Chauhan, PSI, who is due for next one promotion of PI; 9)Shri Santram Sharma, APC, who is due for next promotions of AHC and ASI; 10)Shri Ajay Kumar Bhagavandas Parmar, APC, who is due for next one promotion of AHC; 11)Shri Ajaypal Singh Siyaram Yadav, HC, who is due for next one promotion of ASI; 12)Shri Kiran Singh Halaji Chauhan, HC, who is due for next one promotion of ASI; 13)Shri Vinod Kumar Amrutlal Limbachiya, PC, who is due for next one promotion of HC; 14)Shri Kanjibhai Narayanbhai Kutchi, PC, who is due for next one promotion of HC; 15)Shri Anaju Chaudhari, APC, who is due for next one promotion of AHC; 16)Apart from above stated officers and men who are reinstated into service and have applied/are to apply for their next promotions, I, D G Vanzara, DIG (Retired) have also applied for my notional promotion into the rank of Inspector General of Police as my promotion is already kept in the sealed cover since the year 2007.

It was a matter of great pleasure for all of us when we came to know that the government of Rajasthan, by taking just, fair, and right decision could give three promotions of selection grade, DIGP and IGP to our co-accused, SP, Shri Dinesh M N, and posted him as MD of Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation, Jaipur, where ordinarily very senior IAS officers are being posted.

Gujarat Police officers and men who came out on the bail, saw a ray of hope in it and applied to the government of Gujarat as well as to other competent authorities and requested them for next promotions on par with that of Shri Dinesh M N as they were all similarly placed in the same case/cases. I, along with other officers, was nurturing very high hope that we would also be treated fairly and would get the promotions. But it was very shockinig to know that Shri P P Pandey Addl. D.G. law and order, (1980) who is co-accused in Ishrat Jahan encounter case, was superseded and his juniors Smt.Geetha Johri (1982) and Shri Pramod Kumar (1983) were promoted to the rank of DGP.

I am taking a very strong exception to the unlawful supersession of Shri P P Pandey whom I know to be one of the finest and rarest Police Officers of Gujarat. It was under his cool and calm, but efficient leadership, that the Crime Branch, Ahmedabad city, could work wonders during the most troubled period for the state from 2002 to 2006. Looking to the trajectory of his police career, it is a matter of fact that he has successfully served in almost all the spheres of policinig of the department which qualifies him to not only get the next promotion of DGP but also qualifies him to be at the top of the police hierarchy of the state. And as such, he did not deserve such a rough treatment so routinely hurled upon him by the state government which I would like to condemn in the strongest possible words. I consider this to be nothing less than the deliberate humiliation of the proud policeman who served the department extraordinarily throughout his life. I consider his humiliation to be my own humiliation, and humiliation of the entire team which worked under him and gave results to the government when other officers in the department were looking at the surging terrorism in the state with a sense of helplessness.

Superseding him would amount to punishing the efficiency, honesty, sincerity, discipline of a very high order and dedication to the duty on one hand, and promoting mediocrity, inertia and lethargy on the other which may not augur well for the future of the police department. I would like to state with all pain and anguish that supersession of Shri P P Pandey means that the government has not only deprived him of his next promotion of DGP, but it has also closed the door of promotions to the remaining police officers and men for all time to come. If that happens it will be most unlawful denial of justice to all the accused police officers and men of Gujarat State who so assiduously worked and implemented Gujarat Government’s policy of zero tolerance against the terrorism. Promotion is very vital to the life of a career officer, denial of promotion affects his long-term interests, and when the said denial is unlawful in nature, it becomes intolerable for him. Hence, I sumit with all my humility that my officers are being subjected to unspeakable sufferings by insensitive and unsympathetic handling of our cases by the Government of Gujarat whereby causing immense damage to them but now I will not allow this government to continue to damage their long-term and vital interests, in the form of denial of promotions to them, under any circumstances. It is in this context that I am compelled to write this letter to you so that the government can reconsider not only the promotion of Shri P P Pandey but can also adopt positive attitude in giving promotions to the rest of the officers and men of Gujarat.

I have to submit in this regard that the Government of Gujarat is using different yardsticks of promotions to similarly placed officers whereby conveniently favouring those officers who suit it, while summarily rejecting those who do not suit it, which I am sorry to say is a part of ongoing political conspiracy against us. Here, I am providing a factual narrative of positive policy of promotions in Rajasthan and that of negative policy in Gujarat which reveals more than what meets the eyes.

It is submitted in this regard, and it is my interpretation, that it is not only the government of Rajashtan which has done justice to Shri Dinesh M N by giving him three promotions, but the Government of Gujarat has also, selectively, taken a positive decision on similar lines in the case of PI Shri V A Rathod who is our co-accused in Shohrabuddin-Tulsiram encounter case. The Government of Gujarat has given promotion to Shri V A Rathod from the rank of PI to DySP vide its order dated 17/02/2014 (copy of which is enclosed as A/2), after he got released on bail from Supreme Court of India. Though the CBI has arbitrarily and unlawfully treated him as a witness in the charge sheet, the fact remains that his status of being an accused in the said case has remained intact. The very fact that he is released on bail by nothing less than the Apex Court of India means that he is continued to be an accused. It is matter of common legal knowledge that witness cannot be released on bail, only accused can be released on bail. If he is a witness as wrongly claimed by CBI, the latter, instead of simply calling him a witness, would have gotten him discharged from the case under section 269 CrPC which has not been done. When he is arrayed as accused by Hon’ble High Court of Gujarat, no Investigating Officer, whosoever he may be, can declare him as witness. And accordingly, Shri V A Rahtod, in his capacity of accused, is attending Hon’ble CBI court at Mumbai regularly on very fortnight, even today.

Thus, it is a matter of undeniable fact that Shri V A Rathod is an accused in the Shohrabuddin-Tulsiram encounter case, even today as such, his promotion to the rank of DySP should be and is to be treated as subject to the outcome of pending trial against him. However, it is surprising to note that the Government order dated 17/02/2014 has not treated the promotion of Shri V A Rathod as subject to the outcome of the criminal proceedings pending against him in the CBI court of Mumbai, while the similar note is made in case of PI Shri M N Trivedi and PI Shri A Y Sarvani who were promoted by the same order. It would be too early to say whether it was a bonafide mistake or a deliberate extra-favour made to Shri V A Rathod, but the material fact to be noted here is that his promotion, for all theoretical and practical purposes, is supposed to be given as subject to the outcome of pending criminal trial against him.

At this state, I would like to clarify my stand in the outset itself that I am not against the promotion of Shri V A Rathod, on the contrary, I am happy that at least one of us is promoted, nor I am interested in finding faults in the order issued by the government. My stand is very clear and categorical that if similarly placed two accused police officers, namely (i) SP, Shri Dinesh M N of Rajasthan and (ii) PI Shri V A Rathod of Gujarat can get the promotions of Inspector General of Police and Deputy Superintendent of Police respectively, there is no reason why the similar honour should be denied to other officers and men of Gujarat in violation of the equality provisions of the Constitution of India.

Under the circumstances, it will be a sorry state of affairs that out of 2 co-accused IPS officers in the same case and belonging more or less to the same batch, SP Shri Dinesh MN of Rajsthan will be attending the trial court in the uniform of IGP with all dignity and honour attached with it, while SP Shri Rajkumar Pandian will be attending the same court in the uniform of SP with all sense of bitterness, belittlement and humiliation attached in comparision with it. Similarly, PI Shri V A Rathod will be appearing in the court in the uniform of DYSP, while similarly placed PI, Shri B R Chubey, will be forced to appear in the uniform of PI only which, needless to say, is psychologically very demeaning and demoralizing at the same time which must be corrected by the Government of Gujarat.

Another feather in the cap of Rajasthan government is that apart from 3 promotions given to Shri Dinesh M N at one go, another co-accused in the same case of Shohrabuddin-Tulsiram encounter, APC Shri Dalpatsingh Khumansingh Rathod of Rajasthan has also been given the next promotion of AHC for which he became due. The copy of his promotion order is enclosed as A/3. Not only that, but the rest of the co-accused police officers and men of Rajasthan are also given the fair and just treatment by their government and other competent authorities in the routine matters of their reinstatements, promotions, postings, salaries, pensions and other related aspects.

Here, by comparison, I do not intend to say that government of Rajasthan is doing any extra favour to Rajasthan officers and men, I simply mean to say that Rajasthan government is doing what it should do as per the law of the land without any fear or favour. Similarly government of Gujarat is also expected to take normal and honourable administrative decisions so that we are not made to run from pillar to the post for normal administrative matters like reinstatement, promotions, postings, salary and pension etc.

IPS officers, all over the country, are governed by the same rules from All India Service Manual. All the States of Union are uniformly following those rules and instructions from Central Government; and judgements and pronouncements of Tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Court so that they don’t have to live at the mercy and whims of the different state governemnts. Shri Dinesh M N of Rajasthan and Shri P P Pandey and other IPS officers of Gujarat belong to the same country and they are governed by the same Rule of Law. Under the circumstances, when one officer is getting justice while others are meeting with injustice will be in violation of the principle of Equality of Treatment. Hence, all officers and men of Gujarat who are released on bail and reinstated should be promoted on par with Rajasthan officers and men subject to the final outcome of pending criminal trials against them.

In case of the promotions to the police officers who are facing disciplinary action/criminal trial, the rule position is absolutely unambiguous wherein there is no scope for any political manipulation which will be very clear from the relevant excerpts I am quoting from a judgement, and I quote “— Promotion is the normal incidence of service— Promotion increases efficiency in public service, while stagnation reduces efficiency and makes the service ineffective-the concept of equal protection of laws postulates in the application of the same laws alike and without discrimination to all persons similarly placed.— It denotes equality of treatment in equal circumstances-it abhors stepmotherly treatment-it implies that among equals the law should be equal and equally aministered and the like should be treated alike without any discrimination-equality is antithetic to arbitrariness – equality and arbitrariness are sworn enemies, one belongs to rule of law in a Republic, while other to the whim and caprice of an Absolute Monarch— principle of reasonableness lays down that state action must conform to some standard or norm which is rational or non-discriminatory-state action should not be irrational, unreasonable and it should not be guided by extraneous or irrelevant consideration as that would be denial of justice—-Right of consideration for promotion is the fundamental right—etc.,” the copy of the judgment of CAT -Allahabad-Brijraj-IPS V/S Union of India dated 22nd August 2012, expounding above legal stand is enclosed herewith as A/4.

The said judgement has established beyond doubt that the officer cannot be deprived of his promotion during the pendency of disciplinary action or criminal case against him. It is also established in the said judgement that if one officer gets promotion, other officers facing same criminal case should also be promoted, whether they are government by Central rules or State rules,and none should be given the stepmotherly treatment under any pretext whatsoever.

Accordingly, as per this judgement, not only Smt. Geetha Johari and Shri V A Rathod, but all the remaining police officers and men right from Shri P P Pandey to Shri Anaju Chaudhary would also have been promoted to their next higher rank/ranks by this time on par with Shri Dinesh MN but that unfortunately, has not happened in violation of the principle of equality of treatment.

I submit with all regards but say very frankly that government of Guajrat, by not giving promotions to Shri P P Pandey and other officers and men of Gujarat has itself suo moto promulgated that there is not only absence of rule of law in Gujarat, but there is also presence of whims and caprices in exercise of powers in the state. Thus, the governemnt’s action of denying promotion to Shri P P Pandey is not only unlawful, illegal, irrational, unreasonable, unjust, unfair, discriminatory, arbitrary, fanciful and wrong, but it is also whimsical, capricious and oppressive in nature which is not inspired by any standard legal norm but guided by some extraneous and irrelevant political considerations.

I have a reason to belive that there are “extra-legal political forces which are operating from behind the curtain and which are responsible for denial of justice to Shri P P Pandey and remaining police officers and men of Gujarat in violation of principle of equality of treatment. With all respect for all those who matter, I state that Department Promotion Committees and other exercises are merely dramas on the stage, while real decision makers are siting behind the curtain who are not visible but they are the real forces to be reckoned with. I can say with a certainty that this extra-legal political forces are not only behind the denial of promotions to my officers, but they are also thirsty of the blood of Guajrat Police from the very beginning.

At all the stages of legal procedures,whether it was enquiry against us or registration of offences or investigation of cases or collection of evidence or arraying someone as accused or keeping him as witness or our arrest or imprisonment or reinstatement or promotions, this extra-legal political forces has been working against us since last 8 years. Of course, colours of this extra-legal political forces have remained changing, sometimes their names are changed, but they are consistently and invariably present behind whatever is happening around us and wherby manipulating the system against us.

I am of a very humble opinion that when the law is very clearly in our favour and, as such, when we are asking promotions from the government, we are simly asking for justice and not asking for any charity from it. We are not asking out of turn promotions for us, nor we are asking moon from it. We simply pray that Government should not deny to us what is befalling to us in the normal course of action by succumbing to the unlawful pressures from extra-legal political forces. Ours is the hard-earned promotions. We have not earned our promotions while sitting and signing in AC chambers,but we have earned it by frying ourselves in the scorching heat and freezing in the biting cold. When the world was sleeping, we were awake and were burning not only midnight lamps,but the whole night lamps, not for day or months together, but for years together and prevented Gujarat from becoming second Kashmir in India. Hence, the Government is expected to behave in the dignified and graceful manner and honour my officers with promotions so that it does not downgrade itself in the eyes of the people of Gujarat.

We had been the loyal soldiers of the state and we are loyal to the state till this date. We are highly self-respected officers who have done nothing wrong. We simply performed our duty lawfully and diligently whereby we provided much needed security atmosphere to the people. We waged war against those who waged war against the state, but over the period of time, we are given the impression that the state, by denying promotions to us, is now waging war against us. Such a treachery and treason from the side of the state will not be tolerated by us and will be opposed and fought tooth and nail.

When the judiciary is doing justice to us, Rajasthan Government is also doing quick justice to our co-accused brother officers, there is no valid reason as to why the governmentof Gujarat should lag behind and deny justice to us. Earlier, UPA government sitting in the Centre was blamed for all the problems of Gujarat Police. At present, BJP Government with absolute majority is sitting in the centre with a very stong leader presiding over it. Now, the valid question arises as to who is preventing Gujarat government from allowing law to take its own course and give promotions to us which is purely a matter of administrative decision? When nobody could dare to come in the way of Vasundhara Raje Government in giving promotions to Rajasthan officers,who is coming in the way of Anandiben Patel Government in giving similar promotions to Gujarat officers in the same case?

We are patriotic policemen inspired by the noble motto of “one life, one country, one mission” whereby we contributed our mite to the maintence of unity, integrity and sovereignty of the country on one hand and provided the atmosphere of peace, prosperity and security to its people on the other. We are being wrongly framed, we are innocent till charges are proved against us. Meantime we should not be haunted and hounded, and no politics should be done around the cases of anti-terror operations conducted anywhere whether in Gujarat or in any part of the country, and terrorism being a national issue should be quarantined from the partisan politics which, needless to say, is thwarting all round progress of the country by deteriotating its security atmosphere.

My experience of this subject speaks very loudly that, for the rising incidents of cross-broder terrorism in the country since 1989, only Pakistan and its terror outfits like Lashkare Talyba, Jaishe Mohamad, ISI etc should not solely be held responsible, but the dirty politics of India should equally be held responsible. In the dirty politics of India, it is the individual interests of the leaders which is considered supreme, then comes group interests within the party and ultimately comes the party interest among many parties; national interest is only talked about just to befool the people, in reality, nobody is bothered about nation. I can be said in short that nowadays national interests are sacrificed on the altar of party interests, party interests are sacrificed on the altar of group interests and group interests are sacrificed on the altar of individual interests. And that is how dirty politics operates everywhere in the country from top to bottom.

Thus, when the politicians, to promote the personal political interests, are ready to sacrifice even the supreme interests of the country and its people, how can they be expected to look after the interests of policemen who, for them, are nothing more than insects, mosquotoes and flies. They think that policemen are merely insignificant slaves before Uncle Sam. They consider them not more than just cogs in their political machines. However, as per the law of the land, everybody is equal before the law, whether he is a President, Prime Minister or a peon or for that matter he may be any individual human being. Everybody has his interests and everybody’s interests are supreme for him, whether he is rich or poor, powerful or weak or politician or policeman. And, therefore, law does not permit any individual human being whosoever he may be, to promote his own interests at the cost of others.

Accordingly we, the victimized police officers of Gujarat, have our own legitimate interests, which we will guard jealously and will never allow them to be sacrificed on the altar of political designs of extra-legal political forces which are manipulating the law and system from behind the curtain to achieve their larger political goals. I have reason to believe that this extra-legal political forces are harbouring a larger political goals which they want to achieve by doing anything under the sun either right or wrong, fair or unfair, just or unjust. But I ensure them that I will not allow their dirty politics to be successful nor I will allow their larger political goals tobe materialized at the cost of the legitimate interests of my officers.

Now, coming to the issue of promoting Smt Geetha Johri to the rank of DGP in supersession of its lawful claimant, I say that her promotion is outright unlawful and hasty. Shri P P Pandey is unlawfully denied promotion on the ground of pendency of criminal proceedings against him. The same ground is very much applicable to Smt Geetha Johri even today. It is true that she has been discharged from Shohrabuddin-Tulsiram encounter case, and consequent to it, she has been given the promotion. With all regards for Hon’ble discharging CBI Court at Mumbai, I say that its order is not final. It can be challenged in the High Court and Supreme Court of India where the decision can be exactly contrary to that of the CBI Court.

Therefore, the government of Gujarat, before promoting her, would have verified from the CBI whether it was to challenge the discharge order of the CBI court into Bombay High Court, and after ascertaining from the CBI that it was not going to challenge the said order, only then, she would have been promoted. This was the procedure followed by Government of Gujarat in case of Shri R S Bhagora, Superintendent of Sabarmati Central Prison, Ahmedabad. He, along with other police officers and men, was acquitted in Bilkish Banu case by CBI Court of Mumbai. After the lapse of the period of one year and half of his acquittal, he requested Government of Gujarat to regularize his suspension period as duty on the basis of the fact that he was acquitted in the case. Government, instead of taking straight action and lawfully helping him on the basis of the said acquittal order, asked CBI, whether it was going to Bombay high court in appeal against the acquittal order of the CBI court. On the basis of that query, as it was a sort of reminder, CBI got a clue and after getting 2 years delay period condoned, went to Bombay high court in appeal against the acquittal order of CBI Court, and then replied to Government of Guajrat accordingly. Government, on the basis of that reply of CBI denied regulatisation of suspension period as duty which has remained undecided till date.

Thus the acquittal order of Shri R S Bhagora was much bigger a phenomenon, which could not help him in regularization of his suspension period, than the discharge order of Smt.Geetha Johari, which helped her in getting promotion of DGP overnight. Question arises as to why the procedure adopted in case of Shri R S Bhagora was conveniently bypassed in case of Smt Geetha Johari. Answer to this question is very clear, if such a query is raised to CBI by the Government of Gujarat before giving promotion to Smt Geetha Johari, she would have never been promoted. In that case,CBI would have gone to Bombay High Court, as it did in case of Shri R.S. Bhagora, against the discharge order of CBI Court which would have opened Pandora’s box, and, consequent to that, other discharge order of CBI Court especially in favour of (i) Shri P C Pande, the then DGP of Guajrat State and (ii) Shri Amitbhai Shah, the then MOS, Home, Gujarat State would have also been challenged by CBI in the Bombay High Court. They could smell foul and foresee the red signal in the said likely development which ultimately culiminated into the hasty promotion for Smt.Geetha Johari and supersession for Shri P P Pandey.

I have nothing personal against Smt Geetha Johari, I have high regards and respect for her, and I have also a warm and friendly relations with her family. Mine is the principled stand whereby I say that she has been wrongly promoted by deviating from the standard procedure to save the skin of all accused persons who are discharged from the case by CBI Court especially that of Shri Amitbhai Shah and Shri P C Pande. It was Smt Geetha Johari, in league with Shri P C Pande and Shri Amitbhai Shah, who created sorry state of affairs for Gujarat Police in general and accused police officers and men in particular.

Potentially, the trio consisted of Shri Amitbhai Shah, Shri P C Pande and Smt Geetha Johri, is very much accused in the Shohrabuddin-Tulsiram encounter case even today. Law is very clear, which says that even if they are discharged from the case by Hon’ble CBI Court, and later on, they maybe even discharged by High Court and Supreme Court, even then, they can be again arrayed and called back as accused by the trial Court and made to stand beside us to face the trial at an appropriate stage of proceedings. Hence, at this state, I can only ensure all the discharged accused politicians/police officers of Shohrabuddin-Tulsiram encounter case that they will not be allowed to go scot free, if they try to serve just their own interests at the cost of the legitimate interests of remaining accused police officers and men who will be facing trial. Hence, I am of the legal view that all the accused officers and men who have become due for promotions must get their promotions irrespective of the fact whether they are discharged or not discharged from the case as per judgement of Brijraj IPS V/S Union of India. Accordingly, I personally believe that both Smt Geetha Johari (discharged) and Shri P P Pandey (not discharged) qualify for their next promotions. But when government, by accepting feudal attitude, has decided to promote only those officers who could secure discharge order, in that case, I am of the firm stand that the said discharge order of Smt.Geetha Johari is not final as explained above.

I, therefore, am of the firm legal opinion that Government of Gujarat should ask CBI whether it would go to Bombay High Court in appeal against the order of Hon’ble CBI court discharging Smt Geetha Johri from the encounter case as it did in the case of Shri R S Bhagora. And during the pendency of the reply from CBI, Smt Geetha Johari should be demoted from the rank of DGP to that of Addl DG or else all the remaining police officers and men of Gujarat including Shri P P Pandey should be promoted immediately irrespective of the fact whether they have secured discharge order or not.

Now, arriving at the concluding point, I most respectfully submit, remind and reiterate that the scheme of time-bound promotions to IPS/other officers is being protected by the Constitutional provisions, the significance of which may kindlybe realized by the Governmentof Gujarat, and accordingly our promotions need to be released immediately without further delaying and without rubbing us on the wrong side. I say with all my humility that denying us of our lawful promotions will be an act of great provocation to us which may lead to some unknown consequences for all the parties concerned which may not be of the liking of anybody of us.

Under the circumstances, I say with all my sincerity that I do not want to escalate the situation from my side. My officers are already in deep troubles. Hence, I will not trouble trouble till trouble troubles me. Peace and justice is my requirement but, at the same time, I affirm that if war is imposed on me and my officers, then, we, the victimized police officers and men of Gujarat will be compelled to very strongly retaliate against it in self-defence within parameters of all legal and constitutional means available to us and expose the wrong-doers lock stock and barrel, sooner or later, in our own interest and in the greater interest of our contry. I, at this stage, would like to remember Martin Luther King Jr, a great civil rights leader of America, who stated, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to the peace anywhere…Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of justice.” I, therefore, request this government to kindly listen to the voice of one of the greatest conscience-keepers of the world and do justice to us without any loss of time.

Last but not least, whatever has been said and written in this letter, I most respectfully submit that I am basically a man of the positive bent of mind, accordingly, I am not totally pessimistic about the likely situation to be unfolded in the state. I have a privilege to know Smt Anandiben Patel, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, from a very close quarters. As per my knowledge and information about her, she is a just, fair and bold lady, if she, as such, exorcizes her government and system from the evil influence of unlawful usurpers of her powers, she can definitely do the justice to us and save the situation from drifting into the wrong directions.

I, therefore, request you to kindly initiate fresh process so as to give promotions to all IPS officers namely (1) Shri P P Pandey, (2) Shri D G Vanzara, (3) Shri Rajkumar Pandian, (4) Shri A D Chudasama, (5) Shri Vipul Agraval, (6) Shri G L Singhal, and other state officers and men namely (7) Shri N K Amin, (8) Shri B R Chaubey (9) Shri N V Chauhan (10) Shri Santram Sharma, (11) Shri Ajay Kumar Bhagavandas Parmar, (12) Shri Ajaypal Singh Siyaram Yadav, (13) Shri Kiran Singh Halaji Chauhan, (14) Shri Vinod Kumar Amrutlal Limbachiya, (15) Shri Kanjibhai Narayanbhai Kutchi and (16) Shri Anaju Chaudhary, subject to the outcome of the pending disciplinary/criminal proceedings against them as per the principles laid down in CAT-Allahabad-Brijraj IPS V/S Union of India dated 22nd August 2012 and oblige.

Thanking you,

ENCLS: as above.

Yours sincerely

(D. G. Vanzara) DIG of Police (Retired)

Forwarded w/c through: Shri P C Thakur, D.G. and I.G. of Police, Gujarat State, Police Bhavan, Gandhinagar (in two copies) for kind consideration and necessary action please.

Copy forwarded w/c to:

(1). P. S. to Chief Minister of Gujarat, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar, with request to kindly use her discretion and give justice to all the above stated Police officers and men of Gujarat. (2). P. S. to Minister of State for Home, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar for kind consideration and necessary action please.

Advanced copy forwarded w/c to:

Shri G R Aloria, Addl chief secretary, Government of Gujarat, Home Department, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar, for kind consideration and necessary action please.