A lot of people have been asking me why I wasted 10 weeks in discussions with the Flipkart authorities. Here is my response:

As much as protest is my right as a citizen, the essence of a civil society is also debate and discussions. I genuinely believe that matters can be resolved sitting across the table. Maybe a mistake in hindsight but at that time it seemed like a logical step. I realized much later that the whole process of civil discussion has been made a mockery of.

They have made amends to their call center process where a sexual harassment case will be resolved in 24 hrs instead of 48 unlike in my case but that is still a reactionary measure. It is not preventive. Till the authorities take responsibility of their fleet (which currently they seem to have no control over) things will remain as is. I still cannot get over how, with all the financial and corporate power they have, Flipkart completely absolved themselves of the incident, while l stare at my guilt every day in the face of my girl. This happened inside my home. INSIDE MY HOME. Do you know what that feels like? With an individual whose safety is my moral responsibility.

Where is Flipkart’s moral responsibility? They have hidden behind the logic that “vicarious liability” does not require them to accept responsibility under the law.

I would be happy getting into a discussion again on the issue but on a public platform and not in closed door meetings. Richa Dubey, Tannishtha Dutta, Deepali Sen and Shikha Suman have tried very hard for the authorities to come out in the open on a public platform to discuss the matter but we are not sure if they are scared or are thinking this too shall pass. Which I promise it will not without a reform.

Neil Diamond once sang, “Money talks – but it don’t sing and dance and it don’t walk.”

Mili Srivastava


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