Shri Ram Vilas Paswan

Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Government of India

13 April 2020

Dear Sir,

Universalize the Public Distribution System to avoid further hunger and starvation

On behalf of the Right to Food Campaign we appeal to you to urgently make the availability of rations under the Public Distribution System (PDS) universal in such a manner that any person/household that approaches a fair price shop (FPS) can get a package of grains, pulses and cooking oil to avoid widespread hunger and starvation. The national lockdown that was imposed has resulted in loss of livelihoods to millions of poor and working people across the country. The Campaign received reports of widespread hunger from urban and rural areas across the country, and also starvation deaths in Bihar, Hyderabad, Jharkhand, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh. Supply chains were broken and access to markets has also become more difficult. Despite administrative measures, food inflation and spiralling prices of even essential items are with us to stay.

The relief measures announced by the Government of India under the Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY) are hugely inadequate in responding to the need. Of utmost concern is the fact that the free rations that have been announced are only for those who already have ration cards under the National Food Security Act (NFSA), thereby excluding a large number of people. The NFSA covers only 67% of the population (on average 75% in rural areas and 50% in urban areas). Even this is based on the population figures from the 2011 Census (1.24 billion) resulting in a coverage of 83 crore people. With population increase it is estimated that as of 2020, population in India would be around

1.38 billion. Therefore, even by the NFSA mandated coverage at least 92 crore people, i.e. an additional 9 crore persons would need to be included. It has to be further kept in mind that based on PLFS data it is estimated that 81.7% of people in the country earn less than 18,000 per month (68% earn less than Rs. 12,000 per month), which is even less than the minimum wage recommended by 7th Pay Commission. In the current context of increased unemployment post the lockdown the situation would be worse.

We wish to further reiterate that a very large section of those who do not have ration cards include some of the most vulnerable sections of society, such as migrants, homeless people, old persons, DNT tribes, young children and so on. As we have been pointing out time and again, it is only a universal system along with additional measures which will be able to reach the most vulnerable. In the last few years, in every state, thousands of people who have been trying to get a ration card have been told that the ‘quotas’ for the state are exhausted. We therefore urge you to make the PDS entitlements for six months at least universal in coverage in the sense that no person who approaches a ration shop for free

grains should be denied the same for lack of ration cards. Universal schemes tend to have lower leakages and minimal exclusions. Universal PDS in states such as Tamil Nadu has resulted in the rich self-selecting themselves out of the system because the opportunity cost of standing in the line and the relatively inferior quality of grain are not worth their taking the benefits. If everyone has access to the free rations, the possibility of selling the same grain in black is also reduced.

The following are some of the points we would like to bring to your notice in this regard:

  1. The relief that has been announced of additional 5 kgs of free grains and inclusion of pulses has not yet reached most states due to the lockdown having caused the breakdown in the transportation system and the delay is not acceptable, given the acute distress people are facing.
  2. Some states have announced their own measures, such as additional 2.5kgs of grain in Delhi for ration card holders, free grain for Antyodaya ration cardholders in Uttar Pradesh, 5 kg of free wheat, 1 kg of rice, 1 kg dal, 0.5 kg oil and salt in Rajasthan for non-NFSA households and West Bengal is giving 5 kg of free foodgrains to all NFSA ration cardholders and 19% of population with these ration cards. These need to be seen as an add on, and the central allocation of additional 5kg per head must still reach people.
  3. In some states, such as Delhi, it has been announced that those who do not have NFSA ration cards will also be given rations. However, the online application system put in place for this is cumbersome and not workable. In Rajasthan the non-NFSA beneficiaries are being subjected to a survey, which is so slow and the different district administrations have come up with ridiculously small numbers. Based on this experience, we reiterate that what we need now is a mechanism where no person is rejected and is given ration without needing to apply for fresh cards. Ration shopkeepers can put marks with indelible ink on people’s hands to prevent people from taking ration more than once.
  4. State governments that are expanding their PDS coverage and quantity must be encouraged and given additional allocations from the central pool for free or at NFSA prices so that they can immediately ensure that these entitlements reach people.

We demand that the Ministry of Food and Public Distribution, act upon our demands, which are as follows:

  • Expand the PDS to cover every individual, irrespective of whether they have a ration card, with 10kg of grain, 1.5kg pulses and 800gms cooking oil per month per person for at least six months. There are 77 million tonnes of foodgrain stocks in the FCI godowns (including the unmilled paddy) – thrice the buffer stock norms. Once the procurement of the Rabi crop is completed, it is expected that another 35-40 million tonnes will be added. As per the PIB release, about 2.5 million tonnes have been released after the lockdown, to meet the requirements of the relief measures. It is therefore imminently possible and also urgently required to universalise the PDS.
  • Ensure cooked food and running of community kitchens/feeding centres in urban areas to address the needs of migrant, unorganised sector workers, and the homeless and destitute populations.

Provisioning of dry rations to all intrastate and interstate migrant workers who are very food insecure.



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  2. Anna Adhikar Abhiyan, Maharashtra
  3. Anna Suraksha Adhikar Abhiyan, Gujarat
  4. Association for India’s Development (AID), USA
  5. Association for India’s Development (AID), Bengaluru
  6. Association of Bengal Collaborators for Development
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  8. Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
  9. Barmer Lok Adhikaar Network
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  17. Human Rights Law Network
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  21. Jharkhand Nrega Watch
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Individuals: endorsed by more than 400 individuals

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  2. Aakanksha Kaushik
  3. Abha and Rajeev KhandelwalAajeevika Bureau
  4. Abhijit, Hyderabad
  5. Abhinash DC
  6. Aditi Mehta, Retired Bureaucrat
  7. Aditi Arur
  8. Aditya Naik, Freelance android developer, Goa
  9. Aditya Roy
  10. Aditya Shrivastava, CSO Support Cell
  11. Aiyni, Sahayata-O-Shramik Krishak Kalyan Kendra, West Bengal
  12. Ajay Mahajan Vividhara, New Delhi
  13. Ajitha George, Researcher and Social Activist, Ranchi
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  18. Alka Rao, Doctor and RUWA
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  27. Ancy, NGO Gulni
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  30. Anil, BGVS    Rajasthan
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  32. Anita Mathur    Azad Foundation
  33. Anita Rego, Independent, Hyderabad
  34. Anita Vachharajani, Individual, Mumbai
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  37. Anjali SG
  38. Anjali St Joseph’s, Puranpur
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  43. Anna Joseph
  44. Annie Raja
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  • Asgar Ali, Nssc, Deoria
  • Asha Kalra, Children and Women Welfare Society
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  • Ashok Khandelwal
  • Ashok Yadav and Richa Audichya     Jan Chetna Manch
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  • Babita
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  • Bobby Ramakant, Spokesperson, SP(I)
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  • Chaya Pancholi Prayash, Centre For health Equity
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  • Dr. Sylvia Karpagam, Public Health doctor
  • Dr.Meeta Singh PUCL and Foundation for the Dignity of the Girl Child
  • Dylan DSouza, Mumbai
  • Edwin Mascarenhas
  • Elsa Muttathu
  • Erica Lobo, Nirmala Institute, Churchgate, Mumbai
  • Faisal Khan, Khudai Khidmatgar and National Executive Member, SP(I)
  • Fakkir Hulokottal
  • Fatima
  • Favita Dias, SJAC, Curtorim, Goa
  • Feroz Khan, Hadoti Media Resource Centre
  • Florence Mendes, Goa
  • Fr Savio Gomes, Panjim, Goa.
  • Frederika Menezes, Writer, Panjim, Goa
  • Ganga Ram Paikra, Convenor, RTFC
  • Gaurav Singh, RTFC, Chhattisgarh
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  2. Gautam Mody, New Trade Union Initiative
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  5. Gloria
  6. Gopa Khan, Counselor, Mumbai
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  12. Harsh Mander
  13. Hugh Netto, Assagao, Goa
  14. Indira Pancholi Mahila Jan Adhkar Samiti
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  16. James Herenj
  17. Jashodhra Dasgupta
  18. Jawahar Mehta
  19. Jawahar Singh Dagur, Prayas
  20. Jayshree Vencatesan, Managing Trustee. Care Earth Trust, Chennai
  21. Jeevika Shiv
  22. Jennifer Fernandes, Housewife, Mumbai
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  25. Jose Kallely, Indian, Kusumkot
  26. Josephine, CWSN, Chennai
  27. Jothi SJ, Right To Food/ Work Campaign, West Bengal
  28. Judith Almeida, Concerned citizen, Goa
  29. K. Lalita, President, Anveshi Centre for Women’s Studies, Hyderabad, Telangana
  30. K. Satyavti, Social Activist, Hyderabad
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  32. Kailash Kumbhakar, Academy for Socio Legal Studies
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  38. Kanchan Mathur, Women Studies Consultant
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  46. Nandini Dey, NIRDPR, Hyderabad
  47. Nandini Nayak
  48. Nandini Rao
  49. Nandita de Souza, Pediatrician, Goa
  • Nandita Narain Delhi University
  • Narayan Kharade, Concerned citizen, Goa
  • Narendra Gupta Prayas, Devgarh
  • Naresh K. Sharma, University of Hyderabad
  • Naveen Sampath Krishna
  • Nawasha Mishra
  • Neelaiah, Right to Food campaign, Karnataka.
  • Neelam Singh, Foundation for Rural Recovery and Development (Forrad), New Delhi
  • Neelanjana, Public Health Resource Network, Chhattisgarh
  • Neelapu Kanaka Rao, National President, Confederation of Free Trade Unions of India
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  • Neeta Mahadevia
  • Neeta Ratwani, Mumbai
  • Neha Shah
  • Nesar Ahmad, BARC
  • Nidhi, Delhi
  • Nigel
  • Nikhil Dey, Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS), Rajasthan
  • Nilesh Jain, Cement Collective, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh
  • Nimisha Desai
  • Nimmi Chauhan
  • Niraj Singh, Socialist Yuvjan Sabha
  • Nirja Mishra
  • Nirjhari Sinha, Gujarat
  • Nirmala Rebello, Goa
  • Nirmala, Lohardaga, Jharkhand
  • Nisha Sidhu, National Federation Indian Women
  • Nishat Hussein National Muslim Women’s welfare society
  • Niyati Kukadia
  • Noor Mohammad, AMIED
  • Noorjahan Diwan
  • Olga Netto, Counsellor, Assagao, Goa.
  • P.L. Mimroth and Satish         CDR
  • Pallavi Sobti Rajpal, Utthan
  • Pankti Jog, Mahiti Adhikar Gujarat Pahel
  • Pannalal Surana, Socialist Party (India)
  • Paul Lakra, Human Life Development & Research Centre, Siliguri, Darjeeling
  • PC Rath, Raipur
  • Persis Ginwalla
  • Philomena Fernandes, Concerned Citizen, Goa
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  • Prabir KC, SHRC, Raipur, Chhattisgarh
  • Prabodh Nanda, Raipur, Chhattisgarh
  • Pradnya Deshpande, Psychologist
  • Prajval Shastri, Astrophysicist, Bengaluru
  • Prakash Kashwan, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
  • Prakriti, Student, Azim Premji University, Bangalore
  • Prantosh Bandopadhyay, Jana Sanghati Kendra
  • Preeti Sampat
  • Prem Krishan Sharma, PUCL and Academy for Socio Legal Studies
  • Prem Prakash Oraon, Van Jeevan Gramin Vikash Samiti , Jharkhand
  • Prem Prakash Verma, Convenor, Jharkhand Nagrik Prayas
  • Priyanka Borpujari, International Christian University, Tokyo
  • Priyanshu Gupta, IIM, Calcutta
  • Prof Anuradha Chenoy
  • Prof Kamal Chenoy
  • Purbayan Chakraborty, Karnataka State Law University
  • Purshottam Dass Bhatt, Delhi
  • Purwa Kushwaha, Independent and Translator
  • Pushpa Kali
  • Pushpendra, TISS Patna
  • R. Padmini, Child’s Rights Trust (CRT), Bengaluru
  • Rabin Chakraborty, Kolkata
  • Rachana Bhavnani
  • Radhika Desai, Hyderabad
  • Rahul Varman Professor, IIT, Kanpur
  • Raj Kumar Dogra NIFW
  • Rajalakshmi Sriram
  • Rajender kumar, Delhi
  • Rajendran Narayanan, Asst, Professor, Azim Premji University
  • Rakesh Ranjan
  • Rakhi C.F.A.R, Jaipur
  • Rakhi Sehgal, Shramik Kendra, Gurgaon
  • Ram, Panipat
  • Rama S.Melkote, Former state advisor on food security, Prof. (Retd.),Osmania University
  • Ramesh, Sankalp
  • Ramesh Asher, Film Maker, PUCL
  • Ramkaran ji, S.W.R.C.
  • Ramlal Bhatt, Uttarakhand
  • Rashid Hussain Helping Hands
  • Rashmi Patni, Historian
  • Rathaur, Coordinator- MGNREGA Majdoor Union Rajatalab, Varanasi
  • Ravi Chaturvedi, Urmul
  • Ravinder Kumar, Humana People to People India, Narela Delhi
  • Rebecca Mathai, Concerned citizen, Hyderabad
  • Renita
  • Renu Khanna
  • Renuka Pamecha, Women’s Rehabilitation Group
  • Reshma
  • Richa Jan Chetna
  • Richa Singh, Sangtin Kishan Majdoor Sangthan Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Richa, Jan Swasthya Abhiyan, Delhi
  • Rikta Krishnaswamy, DYFI, New Delhi
  • Rita Dey Pereira, Vasco, Goa.
  • Roopa Naik, Spoorthy
  • Rosamma Thoma, Journalist, Pune
  • Rubeena Khatun, Humsafar, Lucknow
  • Sabina Martins
  • Sachin Jain, Madhya Pradesh
  • Sakina Dhorajiwla
  • Samar Kanrar, Hosiery Workers Unity Centre
  • Sameet Panda, Odisha Khadya Adhikar Abhijan
  • Sandeep Pandey, Socialist Party (India), UP
  • Sandhya Srinivasan, Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, Mumbai
  • Sangeeta Sahu
  • Sannybhai, Lok Manch, Delhi
  • Sanyukta Saha, Aagaaz Theatre Trust, New Delhi
  • Saranga Ugalmugle, Advocate, High Court, Mumbai
  • Sasmita Jena , RTF, Jharkhand
  • Savitri Ray, Individual, Delhi
  • Sawai Singh, Rajasthan Samgra Seva Sangh
  • Sayantoni Dutta, Researcher, Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Sejal Dand
  • Shabnam Aziz, Hunger Project
  • Shailesh Nagar, Delhi
  • Shakeel, Basti Suraksha Manch
  • Shakuntala, Rajsamand Mahila Manch
  • Shama, Mumbai
  • Shambhu Ghatak, Inclusive Media for Change Project, New Delhi
  • Shankar Singh, Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS), Rajasthan
  • Shantha Sinha
  • Sharada Gopal, Right to food campaign, Karnataka
  • Sheba George
  • Sheetal Pradeep
  • Shilpa Kolkar
  • Shishupal, Barabanki
  • Shobha Bajpai Dsilva, Reay Road, Dockyard Mankhurd east and west
  • Shobhita Rajagopal, IDS Director
  • Shrinidhi Datar, Doctor Sewagram, Wardha
  • Shubha Jindel PUCL
  • Shuka Jain, Delhi
  • Shyam Lal Menariya Astha
  • Siddharth Chakravarty, The Research Collective, Delhi.
  • Siraj Dutta
  • Sister Carol     Sasvika, Ajmer
  • Sita Ram, Sakhi Apni Bachat Ghar Yojna Mahila Manch samiti
  • Smita Pandya Gandhi
  • Snehal Shah, Delhi
  • Solomon
  • Soma KP, MAKAAM, Delhi
  • Somnath Ghosh, Asanghtait Kshetra Shramik Sangrami Manch
  • Sonal Mehta
  • Sonia Pereira, Advocate, Goa
  • Sophia Fernandes, Mangalore
  • Sophia Khan
  • Stan Swamy, Ranchi
  • Sowmya Kidambi, Hyderabad
  • Sr Marisha, St Joseph’s, Puranpur
  • Sr Sudeepti, St Joseph’s, Puranpur
  • Sr. Pragya, Fathua, Patna
  • Sr.Kiran CJ, St.Joseph’s Convent, Provincial House Digha Ghat. Patna
  • Sreesankar, AIPSN, Kerala
  • Sudeshna Sengupta
  • Sudha N, St Joseph’s, Puranpur Independent, Bengaluru
  • Sudha Reddy, CCL NLSIU, Bangalore
  • Sudha Shankar, New Delhi
  • Sudha Thomas,
  • Sudipta Banerjee, Director, Sikshan Foundation
  • Suhas Kolhekar, NAPM
  • Sujata, Member, Odisha
  • Sujoy Bhattacharya, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
  • Suman Devathia, All India Dalit Mahila Manch
  • Suman Sahai, Gene Campaign
  • Sumitra Chopra AIDWA
  • Sunetra Deshpande
  • Sunita Bandewar, Health Ethics and Law Institute, Mumbai &Vidhayak Trust, Pune
  • Sunita, UP
  • Surabhi Agarwal, Spokesperson, SP(I)
  • Suresh
  • Survita Khatri, Department of History, Deshbandhu College ,Delhi University, Delhi
  • Susan Abraham, Foundation for Rural Recovery and Development, New Delhi
  • Sushila Chouhan, Sampark Sansthan
  • Susie Tharu, Retd teacher, Hyderabad
  • Suvarna Kuthale
  • Svati Joshi
  • Swapan Ganguly, Asanghtait Kshetra Shramik Sangrami Manch
  • Swarnali, Delhi
  • Swayam
  • Swati Narayan
  • Sweta Dash
  • Syed Firoz, Business, Delhi
  • Syed Tahseen Ahmad, State President, SP(I), Delhi
  • Tahir Noronha, Goa
  • Tapojoy, Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha (MASUM)
  • Teresa Kotturan, Sisters of Charity Federation          United States
  • Ujaan Chandra
  • Ulka Mahajan
  • Umakant, Independent scholar and Human rights activist, Delhi
  • Urvashi G., Nirantar Centre for Gender and Education, New Delhi
  • Vandana Mahajan
  • Vandana Prasad, Doctor, Noida
  • Vanita Keswani, Mumbai
  • Vanita Leah Falcao, Researcher, King’s College London
  • Varsha Mehta, Independent, New Delhi
  • Varsha P.
  • Vasudha, Sawaiker Research Scholar, Goa University.
  • Vidyun Sabhaney, New Delhi
  • Vijay Goal, RIHR
  • Vijay Lakshmi Joshi, PUCL
  • Vijaylakshmi, PUCL
  • Vikas Sahyog Kendra
  • Vinay Baindur, Researcher
  • Vinay Jha, Concerned Citizen, Jharkhand
  • Vinay Mahajan, Loknaad, Ahmedabad
  • Vipul Kumar, Odisha
  • Vipul Pinjra
  • Virendra Singh Malik, Jan Swasthya Abhiyan Haryana, Rohtak
  • Virginia Saldanha, Mumbai
  • Vishwambhar Tripathi
  • Vishwanath Singh, State General Secretary
  • Vriti, Bengaluru