All India Bakchod v/s the real Bakchods

The All India Bakchod controversy has introduced us to a fresh battalion of bakchods, who can be defined as the congenital members of Indian cinema and who otherwise tend to croon away to ideas which are essentially liberal and humanistic; however, the industry’s take on the roast knockout tends to refute the liberal philosophy which the fraternity has tried to boast of, till this date.

Before unfolding my ideas, I would like to put forth a disclaimer.

Although I have taken reasonable precautions to ensure no verbal viruses are present in this article, I would like to clarify that the term bakchod (or bakwas) doesn’t cater to any form of obscenity and has been used in good humour. The ones who wield the possibility of being partially or completely damaged are requested to blindfold themselves in order to avoid the same, which may be mental or physical. The company cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of this article, even after the disclaimer, especially when I have made efforts to warn you.

Unravelling the sanctimonious stances being put up by the veterans and starlets of the Indian film fraternity, I would like to apprise the august assembly of five such actors, who have, now, bestowed upon themselves the responsibility of lampooning individuals who have allegedly tried to demolish the country’s culture, had once been on a similar path.

Who doesn’t like the song Bhag D.K. Bose, but did Aamir Khan really ponder the possibility that the song might destroy the cultural fabric of the nation; probably he ended up being creative enough to ascertain a new meaning to the term D.K. Bose that is otherwise considered to be vulgar and crass. The full monty act sported by Mr. Khan in his movie PK, didn’t go down well with the conservative lot of our motherland, however, it didn’t belittle the actor’s gusto and neither did it stop him from garnering applauds, owing to his commendable work in the movie; however, his reaction to the roast certainly brings forth an irony. The actor who is otherwise known for his innovative gigs seems to have donned a garb which is precisely hypocritical and so unlikely of him or his liberal ideas which he poses to believe in.  “I am no more 14 to get wooed by abusive language,” this is what the maverick had to say at a press conference when he was asked for his views on the seething AIB controversy.  Creativity doesn’t adhere to boundaries, but this time the creator himself seems to profess the necessity of a threshold in an attempt to save a cultural apocalypse.  “Main ek entertainer hoon… aur ek creative insaan hone ke naate mujhe chhoot milni chahiye,” (I am an entertainer, and as a creative person, I should get that freedom to experiment …)  “…sach toh yeh hai ki yeh kahaani  ya script padh ke mujhe itni hasi aai… ki maine socha (laughs)… issey banani chahiye,” ( The truth is that the script made me laugh and therefore I thought of making this film,” this is what Aamir Khan had to say when Rajat Sharma enquired him of his motive behind the movie Delhi Belly. His take on both the events seem to present a disfigured picture of his liberal ideas or clearly unveils his bemused state of mind.

According to reports, Dabangg Salman Khan and the king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan, have got back at Karan Johar owing to his unacceptable gesticulation and stances. His gimmicks on the show have been overtly criticised by both the Khans especially when the director’s mother was a part of the audience, who was found giggling at the jokes cooked up during the roast. Reportedly, the protective Dabangg Khan, who is otherwise found sporting the synonymity between a tandoori murgi and a woman, went out of his way to lampoon the AIB members as the roast had allegedly made a dig at his sister, Arpita Khan.  King Khan, who is well known for his dry humour in his interviews, criticised his friend for his jokes that failed to humour the actor. He was perturbed by KJO’s disposition at the show, especially when the director’s mother was a party to the occasion. It seems that SRK, who is often prized for his sporting temperament, has decided to hide his spirited nature in a cocoon this time. However, King Khan shouldn’t get miffed with such a form of humour; I mean common Mr. Khan ‘Madar-chod-na- yaar…,” (the concerned dialogue bears testimony to a creative contribution made by the movie Happy New Year) even though the dialogue didn’t sound like the much-used abuse, Madar ****.

The Nasha actress Poonam Pandey who has always been a contending member in the race of controversies had chosen to play her cards differently this time. Bearing an apparent risk of tarnishing her reputation, she refused to appear on a podcast show which was offered to her by the AIB team.  AIB being an essentially misogynistic show, holds the reputation of demeaning women through its utterly crude and unpolished content that has often hurled direct attacks on women, owing to which it has a huge fan following; however, Ms. Pandey’s sleazy attempts on taking off her clothes on every petty event is nothing but an attempt to safeguard the culture of our country, and therefore she turned down AIB’s offer. “I have heard that AIB has been doing some good work, but then some of what I have seen wasn’t really up my alley. The digital medium has been home for me over the last four years, but then I felt that I could not participate in something like this,” this is what the actress had to say during an interview with the Times of India.

And last but not the least, the Jhakkass actor, Anil Kapoor, wasn’t really jhakkas when his English accent, at the Oscars, got laughed at during the roast. Anil Kapoor who is known for his amiable and funny disposition, reportedly, lambasted his brother Sanjay Kapoor and nephew, Arjun Kapoor, who were found laughing at the not-so-funny jokes which were cracked on him. Despite the actor’s considerable hold over the genre of humour, the roast didn’t go down well with him; he seemed to have failed to understand the basic nature of a roast and the black humour involved in it that remotely doesn’t intend to hurt people.

An open letter to the stars who have a problem with the AIB roast