LONDON: A student has filed a complaint with Oxford University that she was sexually harassed by a male professor, which has been highlighted as the latest in a string of similar cases in the prestigious institution. The woman in her 20s is one of about half a dozen students who have contacted the law firm McAllister Olivarius to complain about alleged inappropriate sexual behaviour at Oxford, The Sunday Times reported.

“Harassment and even rape seem to exist at epidemic levels and people are not reporting it at Oxford,” Ann Olivarius, the lawyer representing the student who has filed the complaint, told the newspaper. “We have a case where a woman… was pitifully harassed by a guy who has slept with several students. There seem to be a number of academics who have done this. The men involved are all about 50 and not particularly attractive. This girl is young and beautiful,” she said. Olivarius has been invited to informally advise Cambridge University shich last week introduced policies against sexual harassment.ity, which last week introduced policies against sexual harassment.