Sushma Swaraj may have mercilessly labelled rape victims as ‘Zinda Lash’, but people, for sure, haven’t taken that kindly.

Bakht Arif, from Pakistan, reprises ‘Zombie’, the legendary song that the Cranberries created to protest against the Warrington bomb attacks.

Called ‘Zinda Lash’, this one is against all misogynists and sexists.

By Shuddhabrata Sengupta


Don’t be a zombie. Never be a Zinda Lash.

No. Don’t Listen to Honey Singh talking about what he wants to do to the bodies of young women.

No. Don’t listen to Sushma Swaraj talking about what she thinks is the zinda lash when she talks about the body of a young woman.

No. Don’t listen to Mamata Bannerjee talking about the motives that determine the movement of the body of a young woman.

No. Don’t listen to Botsa Satyanarayana talking about when the body of a young woman should be moving about and when it should be still.

No. Don’t listen to Manmohan Singh asking ‘theek hai’ after talking about a young woman.

No. Don’t listen to Sonia Gandhi’s silence about a young woman.

No. Don’t listen to the Delhi Police Chief’s lies about young women and men.

No. Don’t listen to a former army chief who talks about young women in Delhi and was silent about young women in Kashmir and Manipur when his soldiers went a raping.

No. Don’t listen to Baba Ramedev when he talks about how to make young women fairer and comelier and homelier.

No. Don’t listen to the news anchors of Lutyens Delhi who can’t look beyond the young women of the capital.

Listen to Haze Kay, from Kashmir, this side of the Line of Control. And now. Listen to Bakht Arif, from Pakistan, from that side of the international border. She sings for all the Zinda Lash, here, then and everywhere.

Thanks to the Cranberries, Bakht Arif and the Internet.

Never be a zombie. Never be Zinda Lash.

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