Pakistani short documentary film titled “The Honour Deception” which was screened at the Second Delhi Shorts International Film Festival on October 12, won the BEST DOCUMENTARY JURY AWARD, according to the Organisers of the Film festival

The documentary by  my friend  and  film maker , Aisha Gazdar looks at the issue of the tribal custom of honour killing and how it is re-invented in modern day Pakistan, mainly through the law of Qisas and Diyat (retribution and blood money), which allows a victim family to make a compromise with the accused.  Since majority of marriages in Pakistan, especially in rural areas, take place within the extended family, this law is an easy route for escape.

Honour Killings” in Pakistan have steadily increased over the years.  This film examines how the pretext of honour is used to kill innocent women and men in Sindh. The problem lies not just with the patriarchal and feudal system in the country but also with the law of blood money and retribution which allows the murder accused to go scot free because of the principle of compromise.

The documentary, supported by Action Aid Pakistan, also makes recommendations on how to end this practice in the country.

A previous film by Aisha Gazdar “Silent Voices” on home-based women workers won an award at the Canadian Labour International Film Festival in 2011.

Aisha Gazdar is the daughter of eminent documentary film maker (late) Mushtaq Gazdar and well known short story writer Saeeda Gazdar. Mushtaq Gazdar, it may be recalled, bagged Grand Prix on one of his documentaries.



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