Vishav Bharti , Hindustan Times
CHANDIGARH, July 27, 2012

The inquiry committee constituted by the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) to probe into the death of school girl Anupama submitted its report on Friday but stated the version of just its “own people”. According to the institute’s spokesperson Manju

Wadwalkar, the inquiry report was submitted on Friday to PGIMER director Dr YK Chawla. However the inquiry committee didn’t call anyone from the deceased’s family to listen to their side of the story.

After Anupama’s death the family had alleged that she first lost her leg due to the delay in treatment and subsequently lost her life as she was not given the required treatment on time.

Following her death on Wednesday, PGIMER director Dr YK Chawla marked an inquiry under the chairmanship of Dr Rajinder Singh, head, general surgery department to ascertain “treatment and the cause of the Anupama’s death on Thursday.

The other members included Dr MS Dhillon, head, orthopedics department, Dr NK Tewari of neurosurgery and Dr RK Sharma of the hospital administration. The committee was asked to submit its report within 48 hours.

But from the very beginning, the PGIMER administration has remained on a slippery ground.

Initially, when PGIMER director marked inquiry, he included two members to the committee, who were not even present in the city and then replaced them with two new members. The third member Dr Mandeep Singh Dhillon is head of the orthopaedics department due to the alleged negligence of which the tragedy happened.

When contacted Manju Wadwalkar, spokesperson of the institute said, “It was an internal inquiry report, so there was no need to call her family.”


Anoopama loses battle to death after 7 days
By Daily Post,7/25/2012 11:03:29 AM
After fighting a battle of life and death for seven days, Anoopama finally gave up in the morning of Tuesday. She took her last breath as her wailing parents watched her slip into the clutches of death after she had been operated upon.
On July 17, the class XI student of Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 18, Anoopama left the house to go to school. Often dropped off to school by father, it was the first time she was to manage on her own. While climbing the local CTU bus to school the driver, without noticing, started the bus. She fell and her leg got crushed. Soon after, she was taken to the emergency of GMSH-16 from where she was referred to the PGI. Admitted to the Advance Trauma Centre (ATC) on July 17 at 2.45 pm, she had a crushed ankle. By the time she reached the operation table, it was July 20.
Amit Sarkar, the unfortunate father broke down in front of the media, saying that, “I have lost more than a daughter. She was our only child and our entire world”.
The neighbours said, “She was intelligent and used to fulfil dreams of her parents. She even got 72 per cent in the class X examination”.
The father, who barely earns Rs 6,000 a month, had to borrow money when he was told by the doctors to get everything ready for the operation.
Doctors shunned me away twice saying that we have other patients to attend to,” he told Daily Post.
The PGI spokesperson, Manju Wadwalkar, stated that, “At that time there were 9 seriously injured patients with open fractures already waiting for surgery. Anoopama’s case was in addition to many cases of closed fractures and poly-trauma awaiting surgery.”
Apart from all that, since the patients are not supposed to have solid food six hours before any surgery, she was kept hungry for three days straight.
“She kept asking for water, she kept saying I am hungry but she was not fed anything. If they had to delay the surgery, why was she not taken care of properly,” questioned the near and dear ones of the family.
On top of that, she was bleeding the whole time before the operation. The only thing doctors did to stop it was, give another layer of bandage.
The father said that the day she was taken for surgery blood had to be arranged.