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Pictures criticizing the world’s most powerful, were banned by Facebook #censorship

This string of seven pictures by the Cuban artist Erik Ravelo was banned by Facebook from projection as the work was labelled provocative and the images garnered much controversy across the world. The collection contains seven pictures in which children are shown crucified over adults depicting seven problems that the world is facing and how our greed is directly or indirectly affecting the present and future of our children.


The Papal Pedophilia
This picture depicts child abuse by catholic priests in the Vatican city and other countries.

The Papal PedophiliaImage Source


The Thailand of Torture
Issues regarding sex trafficking to cater the needs of tourists in which young girls are coerced into sex trade.

The Thailand of TortureImage Source


The Sorrows of Syria
Depicts the suffering of children in the Syrian war and the wars all over the globe.

The Sorrows of SyriaImage Source


The Witch Doctor
On how organs are harvested from third world countries by doctors and sold into developed nations.

The Witch DoctorImage Source


Of Guns and Gallows
The American massacre of schoolchildren by random gun-totters.

Of Guns and GallowsImage Source


A Radiation of Tears
Depicts the Japanese Nuclear tragedy in which there was a humungous amount of radiation leakage.

A Radiation of TearsImage Source


The Gluttonous Perils.
Child obesity and the role of famous fast-food chains.

The Gluttonous PerilsImage Source


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