They are widely sharing videos showing close-ups of saffron party workers near the motorcade, pointing out that it was supporters who came close to his cavalcade

  New Delhi   |   Published 08.01.22,

Farmers have begun fighting back against the BJP in general and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in particular for their attempt to again “malign” the farming community and the whole of Punjab for the “security lapse” in Ferozepur along the Prime Minister’s route for a political rally in the border district.

The farmers have been widely sharing videos showing close-ups of BJP workers near the Prime Minister’s motorcade, pointing out that it was supporters of Modi’s own party who came close to his cavalcade. Yet, farmers protesting a kilometre away were being questioned, they added.

In a late-night statement on Thursday, the Samyukta Kisan Morcha said: “It is a matter of great regret that to cover up the failure of his rally, the Prime Minister has tried to malign both the state of Punjab and the farmers’ movement by using the pretext of ‘somehow his life was saved’.

The Morcha has been spearheading the farmers’ protests nationwide and had called for the suspension of the movement last month following some assurances from the government.

“The whole country knows that if there is a threat to life, then it is for the farmers, from the criminals like Ajay Mishra Teni becoming ministers and roaming freely. The Samyukta Kisan Morcha expects the Prime Minister of the country to not make such irresponsible statements, keeping in mind the dignity of his post.”

Flagging the videos that have now gone viral of BJP workers near the Prime Minister’s cavalcade, the SKM said: “It is clear from the video of the occasion that the protesting farmers did not even make any effort to go towards the Prime Minister’s convoy. Only a group with the BJP flag and raising the slogan of “Narendra Modi zindabad” had reached near that convoy. Therefore, the threat to the life of the Prime Minister seems completely concocted.”

In one tweet, it asked: “No stone hit, no bullet fired, no one threatened, so from whom was Mr Modi actually saving his life? Surprisingly, there were BJP groups raising slogans with flags…. Does this mean PM Modi is scared of their own flag?? #StopDefamingPunjab.”

The BJP’s narrative – and special prayers for Modi – continued unhindered.

Union rural development minister Giriraj Singh claimed that Modi could have been killed by a “drone or a telescopic gun” when his cavalcade was stuck on the flyover in Punjab.

“To get the PM stuck in a well of death was not a  but a conspiracy. He survived by the grace of Mahadev,” the minister said in a Hindi tweet on

Friday. “It appears that he could have been killed with a drone or a telescopic gun,” he added.

courtesy Telegraph