Written by celebrated poet Moumita Alam 

I am a Muslim Woman

And I am not for sale

I sacrifice my life for freedom struggle

I stand against the British rule

I am Shaheen bagh

I am the voice you are afraid of

In kashmir, In Manipur

I stand against the oppression

I call out your name

In Jamia, In Aligarh

I am the history

You want to wipe

I am the geography

You want to annihilate

I am the sister

Who stands for all oppressed brothers

I am the mother

Whose sons disappear

I am the wife

Who heals you in your sickness

I am the carer

I am the lover

I am in land

I am in fire

I am in sky

I am with mike 

against the vicious power

I am nurse, doctor, fighter, reporter

And so on

I am with Burqa without Burqa

I am the voice for the voiceless

I am Ayub, I am Khanum

I am Sidra, I am Azim,

I am Ismat, I am Rana

I am million lights

That blink in Singhu

I am a Muslim woman

I carry light in my eyes

For you 

Oh coward , Oh wilful blinds.


I am a Muslim Woman

And I am not for auction.

Moumita Alam


(In protest against the Bulli Deals)

About the Poem : This poem is in protest against the heinous attempt of some right wing elements in India. They have made an app named Bulli Bai where they have put a list of names of muslim women for auction. In July last year this right wing element made a similar app named Sulli Deals. In recent years Muslim women in India are being targeted for their religious identity and for speaking up against the agendas of the fascist government

source facebook