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Varavara Rao to remain in Nanavati hospital; Bombay HC to hear ailing poet’s bail plea on Jan 7

The Bombay High Court Monday directed the Nanavati hospital to submit a fresh report to the Court indicating the health status of Dr. PV Varavara Rao, an accused in the Bhima Koregaon case. A division bench of Justices SS Shinde… Continue Reading →

Poem – “Every case is different” says Milord

byRaju Z Mora Why should there be consistency In how the majestic courts decide? It depends on so many factors Including who appears on which side “Every case is different” says Milord Why should decisions be the same? Provide us… Continue Reading →

Asif Basra – (1967-2020) Jottings about a Friend

Sticky post

I would like to paint the way a bird sings.— Claude Monet # A flashback On a fund-raising spree I contacted Asif Basra on WhatsApp In my bulldozer style, I asked “Oyeee how are you …. Please can you do… Continue Reading →

The Young Woman Who Would Not Cry

Jyoti Jagtap sang against Hindutva, casteism, inequality. In September, unafraid and resolute, she became the third member of a cultural troupe to be arrested in the Bhima-Koregaon case and its youngest accused. Like 15 others, she faces charges of sedition… Continue Reading →

अगर अब हम उठे नहीं, तो आवाज़ों को दबाना और भी आसान हो जाएगा

अरे! तुमने किया गौर क्या?  सुनीं किसी तरह की आहट क्या?  कहीं पे कुछ बुदबुदाहट, कहीं से आता शोर है,  गहन पड़े सुनसान वीरानों में,  ज़िन्दा लाशों के शमशानों में,  किसी की धड़कन अब भी बोलती है,  शुकर है, किसी… Continue Reading →

Pash, my father: Daughter Winkle Sandhu remembers the revolutionary Punjabi poet

‘Her tiny hands were finding it difficult to cut the cake. She was stunned to see the candles, first lit and then blown off.’ Winkle had turned one. Thirty-eight winters ago, Pash had made an entry of his daughter’s first… Continue Reading →

निज़ाम-ए-जम्हूरियत- #हमअगरउट्ठेनहींतो

BY -अल्लाम अशरफ़ महक उट्ठा मेरा वतन इस ख़बर पे, जी॰डी॰पी॰ चल पड़ी है माइनस के सफ़र पे. धर्म की राह हम सब चल पड़े हैं, विकास को बेलगाम छोड़ा गिरती डगर पे. सुना है नींव मंदिर की पड़ चुकी… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Gulzar: The wordsmith who continues to enthrall through soulful poems, stirring couplets and more

Gulzar believes that writing is a full-time job and draws much of his inspiration from the Space. Having spent over 5 decades writing in various forms in the Hindi film industry, publishing books and directing movies, it is the power… Continue Reading →

I Want to Die Today

By- Antonio Rodrigues I look at my scaffold, ceiling high, I want to cry, but suppress a sigh, The dimming light fades to zero, I realise now I am no shining hero! One more time, I look out my window… Continue Reading →

Nepal -14-Year-Old Rapper Debut With A Song Against Caste-Based Discrimination

KATHMANDU:- In wake of the rise in the spate of incidents of discrimination and violence, including fatality against the Dalit community, a 14-year-old boy has come up with an innovative approach to raise awareness against the social anomaly. Going by the… Continue Reading →

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