Salute Sawamiji’s struggle

FIR be  registered

under Sec. 302 of IPC, on Mr Modi, Mr Nitin Gadkari and Ms Uma Bharti.


We, Matu Jansangthan and other organisations express our anguish on the Government assassination of Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand (G. D. Agrawal) whose contributions to India’s environmental planning and design remains unparalleled till date in the country, he was CPCB’s first member secretary and a passionate engineer who inspired scores of students while at IIT-Kanpur.


We have resentment that government  completely ignored the issues raised by swamiji .On one hand, Congress acknowledged the issues and Notified a stretch of Bhagirathi as Free fellow.


This governments  head calls himself THE SON OF GANGA. Road and highways  minister also happens to be the Minister of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation, calls himself THE SERVANT OF GANGA.


Even  Ms Uma Bharti who calls herself THE DAUGHTER OF GANGA who also served the Ganga MInistry and indulge in huge extra vaganz in Delhi’s VIGYAN BHAWAN and at other places used to put up show of NAMAMI GANGE project worth 22,000 crore rupees .

But she failed miserably upholding her towords Ganga and Swami Ji.


Swami Sanand ji after Modi came to power chose to remain silent for  4 years.

And when he realised that this government despite on its way to complete its tenure, in reality, was not stopping the works of dam on Ganga, then he decided to go on hunger strike for betterment  of Ganga.

Along with sitting on fast, Swami Ji sent letters, open letters to the Mr. Modi which was not noticed. He continued to send letters. Government sent, to divert the attention got on board former Chief Ministers Mr.  Nishank who happened to be the supporter of dams and who lent a big hand in dam”s projects during his CM tenure. But they callously prolonged the whole process that Swami Ji’s body gave in. And when his body got terribly  weakened and he had announced to give up water, then on 10th October’s noon Swamiji was sent to hospital by the District Magistrate. They forcibly lifted Swamiji along with his chair into the ambulance and drove away to hospital. Administration did not even showed the basic courtesy about his health and of the fact that he was a senior citizen of 87 years. They did not even care to get him into a stretcher. This shows how Government always wanted to wriggle out of this problem.

A FIR be  registered under Sec. 302 of IPC, on Mr Modi, Mr Nitin Gatkari and Ms Uma Bharti, for the murder of Swami ji, because in his letter earlier, Swami Ji had expressed that Mr. Modi will be responsible for his death.

Swami Sanand Ji had fought for closure of the dams on Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers. Matu Jansangathan has been raising the environment as well as ecology related issues and we are very grieved that government did not pay heed to any of the issues. They, neither thought of environment nor strengthen its own case advocate by the Board of Priests for ganga. Government has come forward with its real face that they only care about big dam companies and stand with them. They do not care about the sanctity of `Ganga’ rather about the resources and funds that can be gained from it. Be it in the form of Waterways and running of cruisers along it, or even the misuse of Ganga water or just made Ganga a vote bank issue

All the akhadas of Rishikesh as well as Haridwar or so Sant Samaj from Ashrams, did not stand with Swami Ji. Even when it is them who take up the  materialistic gains from ganga. Baba Ramdev and Swami Chidanand of Rishikesh are also guilty. Saints conducting big seminars, conferences, meetings and collecting funds from all over the world, inviting people to ashrams to perform ganga Aarti and all Sant Samaj in reality bear the blot of being the reason for killing of a son of Ganga.

We demand that a FIR be  registered

under Sec. 302 of IPC, on Mr Modi, Mr Nitin Gadkari and Ms Uma Bharti for being complicit in the death of Swamiji.


Also, all the Ashrams and sadhus should support the issues raised by Swami Sanand Ji to stop the construction of dams and stand  for which Sawami ji had to pay with life.