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NEWDELHI: AAP co-founder and Team Anna memberPrashantBhushan, conspicuous by his absence at the victory celebrations on Tuesday, warned that the party’s biggest challenge lay in “controlling” its legislators to ensure that they did not compromise on long-held principles.The senior Supreme Court lawyer who had distanced himself from the Delhi campaign after his objections on candidate selection went unheeded said he would raise his reservations within the party. “Some people who were taken in the party from other parties are completely immoral … fighting elections is a business for them but I will not say anything further. I will raise these issues within the party,” he said. A national executive is likely to be called after February 14 to address these issues.

Blog: Time for Kejriwal to hit the ground running

AAP on Tuesday won an unexpected victory with 67 seats under its chief Arvind Kejriwal. Bhushan said that the new government had its work cut out with one of the key challenges being managing the newly-elected MLAs. “Keeping these new MLAs under control so that the principles of the party are not compromised will be a difficult challenge,” he said adding that only “serious credible” people should be kept in the Cabinet.

Bhushan added that the government must work quickly but carefully outlining three priorities including pro-active disclosure of government decisions, careful study before announcing crucial policy decisions and appointing an ombudsman to scrutinize spending under MLA funds. “The government must show pro-active transparency and put all government files online. Let people know what is happening and what decisions are being taken. This will act as a check on the government,” he said.

The legal eagle also said that decisions on issues like subsidies should be taken carefully. “Whether it is electricity or water, decisions on subsidies or allocations should not be taken in an ad-hoc manner like earlier but with proper study by relevant experts. I think the government should quickly set up these committees that have credible people on them,” he said.

Bhushan also added that spending under MLA fund must be audited by an ombudsman. “This is where the most amount of corruption takes place. The party must appoint an ombudsman to oversee spending under MLA fund,” he said.