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English: Global Vancouver News Hour banner photographed in Vancouver, British Coumbia, Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kristi Gordon is the chief meteorologist for Global BC News in Canada and when she recently announced she was expecting her second child she asked viewers to be kind because the first time around she got a lot of hate for her choice of maternity wear.
‘It was horrible last time,’ she told the nation. But that just made matters worse…
Kristi has been inundated with hate mail and the Global news team thought it was worth sharing some of the ridiculous abuse on air.
Reading aloud some of the comments, Kristi said: ‘Nowhere on North America TV have we seen a weather reader so gross as you. Your front end looks like the Hindenburg and your rear end looks like a brick **** house… We now turn off Global.’
‘Buy some decent clothes and have some respect for your unborn child,’ said another. ‘You’re not the first pregnant woman. OMG.’
And it’s got to her. ‘Despite me thinking that these guys are crazy, it’s amazing when you say something mean about someone it still affects them,’ she explained. ‘Even if you’re joking it sinks it at some level.’
But Kristi’s openess also inspired a bunch of women to tweet their own baby bumps in support…

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