A warning to the TN Govt on Koodankulam

A warning to the TN Govt on Koodankulam (Photo credit: Joe Athialy)


Breach of Contract Compromises KK Reactor Safety;

Increases suspicion over NPCIL refusal to share Safety Report

WHAT: Press Conference to release newly discovered

information regarding safety breach in

Indo-Russian contract

Livestreaming of Event: http://www.livestream.com/koodankulamshah?t=227743

WHEN: 16 June, 2012. 1130 a.m.

WHERE: Chennai Press Club


WHO: Dr. V.T. Padmanabhan, Scientist

(Radiation and Health)


Nuclear power plants, in Europe and North America, are subject to extremely stringent design specifications and safety tests. Tolerance for deviations in design specifications is extremely low, and any such deviation has to be accompanied by rigorous study to validate that the change in design does not compromise reactor safety. However, numerous design changes have been made to what was agreed in the Indo-Russian agreement. Most recently, it has come to light that the Russian suppliers have provided a critical equipment with a design different and more risky than what was originally agreed upon. This introduces considerable concerns over reactor safety and the risks of disastrous radiological events. Under the circumstances, the nuclear establishment’s secrecy – where access to the Safety Analysis Reports have been denied despite an order from the Central Information Commission – increases the suspicion that serious shortcomings are being withheld from public scrutiny.


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