Imaan Khan, Provisional Working Committee member, Maruti Suzuki Workers Union, got bail in a ruling by the Punjab&Haryana High Court  yesterday.
He is the only one among 149 arrested workers who has received bail since 18 July 2012, given the absolute lack of any evidence.

He was arrested on 24 Jan 2013 as he was active member of the workers resistance led by MSWU against the state repression and anti-worker management since July 2012. He was tagged with the other workers who are in jail since 18 July 2012 in cases from murder, rioting, etc, the only evidence being a confession got under police torture on another worker.

His bail comes after long struggle by terminated workers and jailed workers families led by the MSWU. But 148 workers still continue to languish in Gurgaon jail for the last 17 months without any bail.

Release all arrested workers immediately!
Down with state repression and capitalist offensive!

Long live workers struggle!

 issues by-  Maruti Suzuki Workers Union (MSWU).
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