Press Release

A dream never fulfilled

A dream never fulfilled (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leaders of six Left parties – CPI(M), CPI, AIFB, RSP, CPI(ML)-Liberation and
SUCI(C) met today and issued the following statement:

1.      All the claims made by the BJP central government and the Prime
Minister that during the course of this one year the NDA government has
offered a corruption free administration are being thoroughly exposed by the

In the Lalit Modi-IPL scam, the Union Minister for External Affairs and the
Rajasthan Chief Minister have figured as persons grossly misusing their
office to help a fugitive from Indian law, Lalit Modi.

The Union Minister for Human Resource Development has given a false
statement regarding her educational qualifications.

Cases of misuse of office for pecuniary gains have come up in the BJP ruled
states of Maharashtra, involving two BJP state ministers. In other BJP ruled
states like Chattisgarh such instances of high level corruption are being

The Left parties demand that a thorough CBI investigation under the
supervision of the judiciary must be conducted in these cases and the guilty
should be booked and punished. All tainted ministers in the Centre and the
states must be removed from office until the investigations are completed
and action taken.

Crime & Corruption: The admission and recruitment scam in the state of
Madhya Pradesh – Vyapam scam — has exposed the BJP state government as
having perpetrated one of the worst corruption cases in the state ever.
Officially 27 people associated with this case, including nine important
witnesses, have died under mysterious circumstances. Important journalists,
reporting on the scam, have also been victims of such mysterious deaths.
Nearly 47 inexplicable deaths of people connected with this scam in one way
or the other have been reported.

July 20 – All India Protest Day

The Left parties decided to hold an all India protest exposing corruption at
high levels in this BJP central government as well as in various states on
July 20. State level protest actions will be held demanding the removal and
action against all those involved in corruption and nepotism.

The state units of the Left parties will take up the state level issues of
corruption, like the massive Saradha and other chit fund scams in West
Bengal, along with those mentioned above in their state level protest

2.      Hindutva Terror: The Left parties strongly condemn the efforts of
the BJP governments at the Centre and the states to subvert justice in
investigated cases of Hindutva terror like Malegaon, Hyderbad Mecca Masjid,
Ajmer Sharief and the Samjuatha Express cases. In the Malegaon and the Ajmer
Sharief investigations, efforts are on to scuttle the cases.
3.      September 2 Workers Strike: The Left parties decided to give a joint
call of support to the September 2 all India call for strike given by the
central trade unions.
4.      Bihar Assembly Elections: The Left parties have decided to jointly
contest the forthcoming assembly elections in Bihar as an independent,
united bloc.

The meeting was attended by Sitaram Yechury and Prakash Karat from CPI(M),
Sudhakar Reddy and D. Raja from CPI, Dipankar Bhattacharya and Swapan
Mukherjee from CPI(ML)-Liberation, G Devarajan from AIFB, Satyawan and Pran
Sharma from SUCI(C) and Abani Roy from RSP.