Bhuskute Bhau90 years old social activist R V (Bhau) Bhuskute manhandled in police station for questioning  builder mafia and their atrocities against tribals

Below is translation of the marathi release and letter

Shame on Police-Builder dadagiri

Builders are planning to take land of tribals at Malad East Kokani Pada in the name of SRA and other means which includesmisues of police,  and surveys are being used to forcibly evacuate the  tribal swho have been staying here for generations.

Maruti Janu Boye owns five acres and 39 guntas at Survey No 280 at Kokani Pada. Builder of Omkar Developers has eyes on this land and is planning to evacuate the family and other tribal at Vasti. The bUILDERS ARE  are scaring tribals  through goons and trying to remove  them fromtheir houses. Local tribals are opposing this through by Adivasi Punarvasan Andolan (Tribal  Rehabilitation Movement).

According to Avinash Harishchadra Patil who is leading the movement, police are not taking cognizance of their request to file an FIR under  SC /ST atrocities Act. For this demand 200-250 tribal of the movement under the leadership of Bhuskute sat on  dharna  at Karur Police Station on April 10.

Before that on April 7 the letter informing dharna  was sent to Collector, Prant Officer, Tahsildar, Police Commissioner.  It was a peaceful dharna Twith only demand of people to file criminal complaint against the builder. But police took action against tribals by saying you would not allowed to dharna here again.

But people who sat on Dharna opposed and also opposed arrest peacefully. Police inspector Anil Pawar and Sanjay Sawant physically abused Bhuskute and Patil. To save Bhuskute,  the tribals intervened , but  the police evicted these tribals by force and closed the gate. Senior police inspector Kathe was trying to stop his junior colleagues but both did not pay attention.

After release Bhuskute was treated at a hospital and doctor did not found fracture in X Ray. Bhuskute said, “Police know how to beat and no scar will be seen”.  Above Photo is attached to show how to Bhuskute was abused. 

It is ironical that Bhau Bhuskute, an expert on land laws and author of many books on the subject and a guide to many people’s organizations was meted out this treatment .His father, late Vinayak Rao Bhuskute was also a well known activist who fought for the Mulshi Dam displaced, even amidst the freedom movement.

We condemn this behavior to beat a senior activist who was demanding justice by justful and peaceful ways.

Bhau  Bhuskute who is known for principles and working for the interests of tribal and hard workers has been guide to the people’s movement. This event is against humanity and also against people’s right to ask question.

We condemn this event and demand suspension of police officials who abused Bhuskute. The whole incident should be inquired and police officials should be punished. Complaint by tribals should be filed as FIR as  per law.

National Coordination of Peoples’ Movement condemns the incident and announce our support to Bhuskute, Tribal Rehabilitation Movement and for their demand of rights of tribal.

Medha Patkar, Suniti  S R, Suhas Kohlekar, Prasad Bagve, Poonam Kanaujia , Kamayani Bali Mahabal and supporters


Statement by Maruti Bhoye

Maruti Janu Bhoye

Janu Bhoye Chawl,

Room No 5, Kokani Pada,

Kurar Village, Malad (East),

Mumbai 400097


B/301, Kalika Avenue,

Patel Pada, Dahanu (East)

Block-Dahanu, District-Palghar

Pin Co-401602


Mobile No-986076628


Police Inspector (Public Relation Officer),

Kurar Police Station,

Malad East, Mumbai

Subject: Indefinite strike against ill treatment to tribal

Context: Statement taken at 12.30 on 11/04/2-15


Affected land owners at Mauje Kurar village, Kokani Pada, Malad, Mumbai 97 did indefinite strike on 10/4/2015 by giving prior notice. All gave letter on 3.30 with signs of all affected land owners and your office received it at 4.30 pm on the same day. The letter is attached here again.

Indefinite strike was done peacefully and according to law.

Police used force on people who are affected landowner men and women and sitting on strike to leave police premise. They were at police station to give the letter.

A few people from the movement under the leadership of R V Bhuskute told police that they would not leave the premise and remain seated in the police station. Angry police abused them and Bhuskute collapsed on floor in the incident. But he stayed at the police station. The incident is against humanity and shows cruelty of police.

Bhuskute rejected to leave the police station as per Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of truth and Ahimsa. That is why police abused him and others in the movement. Photo is attached.

You talked to those who participated in the strike at 1.25 am on 11/5/2015 and asked to be present at office at 11 am. Accordingly I Maruti Bhoye, was present at the office. Strike was done to file an FIR against owner of Omkar Developers and Realtors Gaurav Gupta and his man Nitin Gujar. You have taken my statement as a representator of all men and women who sat on strike. You have not taken any action against developer till 14/5/2015 even after taking my statement. You have not registered FIR as well.

I belong to tribal Kokan community. I don’t know laws. But I stay in Mauje Kurar village where Tenancy Act and Maharashtra Agricultural Lands (celling on holdings) act is still applicable. and so is SC ST atrocities act is also applicable. And Gaurav Gupta and Gujar have committed non bailable offence by trying to evacuate tribal from their land.

First report was given on 3.30 pm on 10/5/2015 and you received it at 4.30 on the same day. Hunger strike was done to file the FIR. But still it is not done. We expect that the FIR would be filed soon.

Maruti Bhoye