Student Social Workers at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati.
are providing Psycho-social Support to the victims of targeted
violence of May, 2014 at Khagrabari, Baksa (BTAD), Assam since 11th
June, 2014 and shall continue for another 20 days.

During the Relief Gap Assessment, they  came across that though there was a
good flow of the relief materials and humanitarian support. Still there
are number of issues which are acting as major obstacles to bring back
the victims towards normalcy.

Following  are serious issues which need intervention imemdiately :

1)      The victims are taking shelter in a relief camp manned by the
district administration at the eastern part of the village NC
Khagrabari. The tents are set up in the ground level only. Regular rain
water during this monsoon enters the tent easily and makes their life
more miserable. The administration started earth-filling, but stopped
the same after completing on three tents only.  The situation requires
immediate intervention.

2)      Administration has installed one generator for the whole camp and it
provides lights in very few locations only. No light connection is
provided inside the tent. The victims requested the donor agencies to
provide lighting facilities inside the tent as soon as ossible.

3)      Since the horrible attack the victims are very much frightened and
the darkness increases it many folds. The victims feel that one set of 3
Battery Torch Light for each family may help them immensely.

4)       As the victims belong to Muslim community, so they are worried about
the upcoming Ramadan month. The families living in the tent lack the
basic amenities to cook food. Hence, they need support to make the
situation less painful during this holy month.

On behalf of those ill fated people, we shall be eagerly waiting to hear
from you.

Sincerely yours,

Abdul Kalam Azad
Chiranjit Gayen
Dinesh Kumar Singh
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati

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