Mumbai: 4th August, 2015: The prominent social and media activist from Mumbai will be joining Jeevan Adhikar Satyagrah (right to life) starting from 12th August onwards at Rajghat, Badwani, which shall be indefinite satyagrah by thousands of adivasis, farmers, workers ,fisher folks at the Bank of Narmada River in protest against the raising the height of the Sardar Sarovar Dam to 138.68 meter without completing rehabilitation process.  245 villages are going to face total submergence which is going to spread upto 214 kilometer jeopardizing the life of thousands of families in this belt.


This has been continuous struggle for 30 years in the Narmada Valley by the people and Jeevan Adhikar Satyagrah goinf to be very crucial as it shall be indefinite and Medha Patkar will led it to its last .The prominent activist from Mumbai will be participating in the satyagrah and offer full support to it .This is going to be life and death struggle for thousands of families from Narmada valley and will be turning point in the history of the struggle led by Narmada Bachao Andolan.


From 6th August to 12th August there shall be foot march from Khalghat to Rajghat, Badwani where hundreds of villagers are going to participate and from 12th August there shall be indefinite Jal Satyagrah (mode of satyagragha is by standing in water) at Rajghat Badwani by thousands of people including social activist Medha Patkar.


We strongly condemn apathy of central government and the governments of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra for not completing the process of rehabilitation and going ahead with increasing the height of the dam .The activist from Mumbai firmly decided to support the ongoing struggle led by NBA and participate in the forthcoming right to life satyagrah.


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Dr Prof. Uday Mehata, Shashi Sonawane , Jatin Desai , Sukla Sen , Ramesh Pimple, Anil Anand , Sandeep Singh Bajeli , Subodh More,Renu Naurlyal, Ajay, Firoze Mithiborewala  and Saathis


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