AISF Condemns killing of Muslim youth Mohsin Shaikh

A Muslim youth named Mohsin Shaikh from Pune succumbed to his injuries after he was lynched to death by assailants belonging to Hindu Rashtra Sena. Mohsin Shaikh was an IT manager from Solapur, residing in Pune. Hindu Rashtra Sena is an outfit having radical Hindutva views and works closely with other radical Hindutva groups.

This killing was allegedly an aftermath of the derogatory morphed images of Shivaji and others that were circulated on social networking sites. However, lynching of an innocent Muslim youth owing to his religious identity amounts to hate crime. This violence by Hindu Rashtra Sena and like organizations with such repelling impunity is strongly condemned by All India Secular Forum (AISF). This killing isn’t a stray incidence without larger implications. With the coming of power of the new government, the Hindutva organizations are emboldened to intensify violence and polarize communities. There is a threat to security and safety of the all vulnerable groups and particularly religious minorities. Irrespective of which party comes to power or its ideological view, it is the primary duty of the State to protect the life and property of every citizen irrespective of their religion as has been embodied in the Constitution.

AISF demands strict and prompt investigation by the police and bringing the culprits to justice. By ignoring this incidence or not taking the necessary stringent measures, the State will be supporting violence against targeted minorities as part of its policy. The State earlier too has not taken strict measures against hate crimes and thus encouraged them. AISF appeals to other civil society organizations to raise their voice against this incident.

AISF will remain vigilant in monitoring such other hate crimes and the action taken by the criminal justice system to bring the culprits to justice.