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“Demolition of Babri Mosque is one of those tragedies that have left deep scars on the psyche of Indian Muslims within and outside India and, sadly, successive governments have been deliberately leaving these scars untreated.” Chairman of Council of Indian Muslims (CoIM) has said.
In a statement issued on the 21st anniversary of the demolition of 16th century Babri Mosque in Ayodhya on 6th December 1992, Zeena said, “Although the Case has been pending with the Supreme Court, the judiciary has not taken a comprehensive view so far. The installation of idols in1948, the title suit, and the demolition of the mosque need to be seen as one single criminal case.”
Zeena also said, “As if the bitter memories of the demolition of Babri Mosque and a long history of savage anti-Muslim riots in the country were not enough to make the community insecure, Muzaffarnagar riots has further deepened this feeling. And the tragedy is that by its inaction against the culprits, by not providing the victims much needed relief and by failing to restore law and order in district Muzaffarnagar and rest of the state, Akhilesh government has shown complicity in these crimes and so has the central government by not dismissing an inapt government and by not imposing presidential rule in UP. This has encouraged sectarian forces all the more and has given them unhindered freedom.
“Notwithstanding its claims to be Muslim-friendly, UP’s Samajwadi led Government has lost its credibility. The community does not have good opinion of the Congress led central government either. If it is really serious in restoring its lost credibility it should immediately dismiss the UP Government, punish the culprits of Muzaffarnar riots, provide immediate relief  and adequate compensation to victims suffering in wretched conditions in tents and must make sure that the Communal violence Bill is passed before it faces the voters in 2014.”
Zeena also said that the proposed Wakf Bill must incorporate the issues arising out of the Babri Mosque case.
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