3 November


[A delegation of social activists, citizens and academics met the National Minority Commission regarding the communally volatile situation which is developing in and around various resettlement colonies across Delhi. The following representation was submitted to the NCM and later to Police Commissioner’s office and LG’s office. ]

The Chairperson
National Minority Commission

The Police Commissioner

The Lieutenant Governor


November 3, 2014

Dear Sir,

We are writing to you to communicate our concern regarding recent spate of communal tension and violence in different areas and the rising sense of insecurity in the Muslim community of Delhi. At several instances, organized campaigns have been taken to spread hatred and create tension centering religious festivals. Trilokpuri riot is the latest instance of such violence. Since 1st November we are getting news of communal tension being created in Bawana. Several of us have communicated our concern regarding that to concerned authorities. Here we would like to point out these concerns as well as our appeal for proper steps to be taken in that context-

1. A mahapanchayat was held in Bawana on the eve of Mohurram on 2nd November with a clear intent to create communal tension and polarize communities on religious lines. The Mahapanchayat didn’t have permission from any authority. The administration allowed it to happen in spite of several requests to stop it.

2. In the above mentioned Mahapanchyat threatening language was used and it was announced that Tazia procession during Mohurram should not be allowed to happen.

3. Muslim community in Bawana is under tremendous pressure and is feeling threatened.

4. We have information that the leaders from the ruling party at the Centre are working in tandem with the organizers of the Mahapanchyat.

5. The unlawful nature of this whole campaign against Muslims is evident from the poster announcing the Mahapanchayat which has been used to mobilize people for the same.

6. There are reports of communal tension from Nandnagri, Majnu ka Tilla and Timarpur while the wounds of Trilokpuri are yet to be healed.

7. In the context of Trilokpuri, the role of the police has raised several questions. Initially, the lack of action from the police emboldened the rioters to unleash violence. When the police acted, rather than arresting well known instigators of the riot, the police has arrested people and filed FIRs arbitrarily. It is also a matter of concern that most of the arrested people belong to the minority community. We have also reports of police brutality on the arrested people in Mayur Vihar police station. Those who are arrested right now are in Tihar Jail ( Jail no 8). We have come to know from the relatives of the arrested persons that several of them who are injured because of the police brutality in Mayur Vihar police station are not getting proper medical treatment. This is a request to you to ensure that all the arbitrary FIRs are cancelled, proper medical facility is given to those imprisoned in Tihar jail and action is initiated on those Police personals that are responsible for violence on arrested persons.

In view of the above mentioned events and facts, we would request you to kindly ensure that organizations and individuals indulging in communal mobilization are restricted and proper vigilance and security is in place and the religious rights of Muslims are safe guarded.

We would like to point out that in the wake of communal tension in Trilokpuri, Muslim community faced violence and arbitrary arrest at the hand of police. It is important that the trust of the members of minority community over administration is not shaken further.

We are also attaching the poster announcing the Mahapanchyat and recordings of speeches spreading communal hatred in Bawana along with this letter.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely

On behalf of:

Devendra Bharti, Dhruv Sangari, Kiran Shaheen, Mohd Aamir, Naveen Chander, Nayan Jyoti, Om Prasad, Onkar Mittal, Ovais Sultan Khan, Prof Apoorvanand, Rakhi Gupta, Shabnam Hashmi, Subhashini, Sucheta De, Viren Lobo