Condemnation of Terror Attacks on

Historic All Saints Anglican Church in Peshawar, Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi and well planned Massacre of innocents at Muzaffarnagar, UP – Demand from all governments for Protection and well being of Minorities all over the world

We explicitly condemn the ghastly attack by suicide bombers on Sunday 22nd September 2013 at more than 100 years old historical church in Peshawar, Pakistan when the devotees were coming out from church after prayers. The reports are that the explosions instantly killed around 80 worshippers and onlookers including 37 women & 7 children and critically wounded more than 150 people. This act of violence against a defenseless congregation in worship and prayer is highly deplorable.

The indiscriminate and ruthless firing by the terrorists on innocent people including women and children at Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi on 21st September took lives of more than 70 innocent visitors and injuring more than 200 people.

The brutality of Jaats on Muslims on 6th and 7th September in Muzaffarnagar-UP, killing of Muslims in dozens, abduction and rape of Muslim girls and women; loot and burning of their properties forcing them to flee from their homes to take refuge in other places.

We are deeply pained and shocked by the heinous terror and suicide bomb attacks, communal violence targeting innocent people and on the holy place of great spiritual and historical significance.  This is a dastardly act of crime against humanity. We express solidarity to all the families who lost their near and dear one.

The motive behind promoting terrorism by super powers is to brand particular communities and sects and capture power to reign in by unlawful interference and to exploit natural resources for their ends engaging the source countries in mutual battles. Very often these nefarious, criminal and inhuman games are also played to destabilize the governments, to consolidate and strengthen vote banks targeting innocent people from suppressed classes, to divert public attention from government failures in addressing to the important issues and problems or to keep people away from scams and scandals.   Instigating leaders do not lose their lives and property but the poor.  These tactics ultimately put to irreparable losses and hamper growth and economic and social development of the Nation.

Hence, we hold respective governments responsible for not containing communal, extremist and terrorist activities in their countries and for their failure in giving protection to the minorities, suppressed and deprived sections of society.

We place our demands before the State and Union Governments:

1.      To write to the Government of Pakistan and Kenya to immediately announce decent compensation to families of the victims and their rehabilitation.

2.   We urge the governments all over the world including our State and Union Governments to give priority to invest extensive energy and force to stamp out communal, extremist, terrorist and divisive forces with iron hand.


3.   To provide safety and security to minorities, suppressed and deprived sections of society and to concentrate on their well being.


4.      To use Will to ban and eliminate the outfits using hate politics and divisive forces.

5.      To give direction to Press Council of India for constituting a Regulatory Authority to check biased, discriminatory and one sided reporting giving rise to communal and divisive forces.

6.      To delegate powers to Press Council of India to cancel registration and close down the media agencies whose reports are contributing to create disharmony in the society and disintegration.

7.      Identify the criminals with their crime not with religion.

8.      To sensitize majority community and affluent classes, on the need of the support for minorities, suppressed. Marginalized and deprived sections of society require to bring them forward on par other communities for inclusive growth, development and co-existence.

9.      To introduce Communal Violence (Prevention, Control and Rehabilitation of Victims) Bill as  an effective instrument against communal violence

10. To institute Communal Harmony Justice and Reparation Commission (CHJRC), with national, State and district councils, with a mandate that goes beyond responsibility for relief, compensation and rehabilitation to include the “power to recommend the notification of the application of the Communal Violence Law.”

11. Make the officers in charge of law and order accountable and punish if they fail in their duty.

12. To keep bureaucracy out of influence  of  the political leadership

13. Introduce law on the lines of Law against SC, ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act to protect the minorities, suppressed, marginalized and deprived sections of society.

Signed by

Hamid Mohammed Khan, President, Movement for Peace & Justice

Alhaj Syed Shah Fazlullah Quadri Al-Moosawi, Sajjada Nasheen & Mutawalli, Dargah Syed Shah Moosa Quadri (rh)

Mohd. Ghiasuddin Akber, Member, Apna Watan


Christine Lazarus MLA

Rev. Dr. B. Prabhakara Rao, Former Chairman, National Issues, National Council of Churshces in India

G.Devid Shanth Raj, AP State President, Christian Cell

C.A.Daniel Adams, AP State Coordinator, Christian Community

Esther Rani, President, Telangana Christian Women Forum

Rama Swamy, Former President, A.P. Buddhist Trust

Nanak Singh Nishter, Director, International Sikh Centre for Interfaith Relations, Hyderabad

Omim Maneckshaw Debara, Trustee, Parsi Zoarastrian Anjuman of Secunderbad and Hyderabad

Jeevan Kumar, President, Human Rights Forum, Andhra Pradesh

Mohmmed Turab, Convener, Interfaith Forum-COVA

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