Right to Dissent

Right to dissent

Press Statement



Today disabled people affiliated with All India Disabilities Alliance

presented a memorandum to the Indian President requesting him not to sign

the Ordinance on Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill as is being
planned by the UPA Government. Thereafter, the Protestors moved to 24
Akhbar Road (Congress Headquarter) and wanted to meet the High Command.
When after hours of wait, they could not meet any person in AICC, they
decided to voluntarily and peacefully stage arrest. However, instead of
arresting the Protestors, Police deployed severe Lathi Charge in which
more than a dozen disabled persons have been severely injured. Following this
event, fellow disabled have started coming to join hand in the struggle.

Yours Sincerely,

Vikas Gupta
Vikas Gupta
Assistant Professor-University of Delhi;
Joint Secretary-Sambhavana Organization;
National Executive Member-All-India Forum for Right to Education
Associate Editor-'Reconstructing Education';


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