New Delhi: Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) today welcomed the decision of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to pay monetary relief of Rs. five lakhs each to the relatives of two victims of fake encounter killings by the 20th Assam Rifles in Chandel district of Manipur on 1 June 2009. On 19 June 2009, ACHR had filed a complaint with the NHRC against extrajudicial executions of Laishram Kishorjit and Soram Priyokumar by the 20th Assam Rifles led by Major Abishek Bharti at Maipi Angbrasu track in Chandel district of Manipur on the night of 1 June 2009.

Justifying its order for compensation received by ACHR on 3 September 2014, the NHRC in its latest proceedings ( after examining the report of Sub-Divisional Police Officer of Moreh stated, “According to it, the troops of 20th Assam Rifles led by Major Abishek Bharti laid an ambush at Maipi and Angbrashu track on 1.6.2009 at night after receiving information about the movement of some armed valley based UG cadres in that area. The troops saw two persons moving in a suspicious manner on the said track which leads from Maipi and Angbrashu. On being challenged by the troops to stop, the two unidentified suspects brought down heavy volumes of automatic weapons fired upon the troops. The troops also retaliated in self defense. The encounter lasted for about 35 minutes and both the suspects were eliminated. After the encounter, a search of the encounter site and the adjoining area was made and the following arms and ammunition were recovered near the slain bodies:- 1). 1 (one) G-3 assault rifle with one live round in the chamber. 2). 2 (two) magazines of G-3 assault rifle. 3). 19 (nineteen) rounds of G-3 assault rifle. 4). 1 (one) lathode with one live bomb in the chamber and, 5). 1 (one) live bomb of lathode. It is further revealed by the report that the seized arms and ammunition were sent to FSL Pangei for chemical examination and the ballistic expert, who examined the same, opined that the seized arm i.e. 7.62 mm calibre G-3 rifle is not serviceable due to defective return spring and non-alignment of bolt extension and housing. It was also opined that the seized lathode gun is a 40mm calibre grenade launcher and its firing mechanism was working properly. It is further mentioned in the report that frantic efforts were made to establish involvement of the two deceased in U.G. activities but no specific information could be gathered in that regard. The report forwarded by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India completely negates the possibility of an encounter. It is not the case of anyone that the lathode i.e. grenade launcher was used by any of the two deceased persons. As regards the 7.62 mm calibre G-3 rifle, the ballistic expert has opined that it was not in serviceable condition. If the grenade launcher was not used and the 7.62mm rifle was not serviceable, how the Assam Rifle personnel can claim that they were fired at by the deceased persons or that there was imminent danger to their life. Thus, we (NHRC) find that the Assam Rifle personnel were not fired at by any of the two deceased persons. We (NHRC) also find no evidence to even faintly suggest that the deceased persons were involved in underground activity. It appears that the two persons were spotted at a desolate track and they were shot dead on the basis of unfounded suspicion. It appears to be a case of extra judicial killing.”

“This is a step in the right direction and prosecution of the culprits must start now.” – stated Mr Suhas Chakma, Director of Asian Centre for Human Rights. [Ends]