Nagpur: July 23-   Visibly annoyed at the insensivity and inaction by the police at Akola in investigating the suspicious death of a social activist from Mumbai, Nitin More (32), who was allegedly electroculated at his flat at Akola on January 26th,2011. P. V. Hardas and M. L. Tahilyani JJ, of the Bombay High Court’s Nagpur Bench,  have directed the Director General of Police,(DGP) ,Superintendent of Police, Akola and Senior Police Inspector Khadane, P.S. Akola to file their  replies on affidavit  to  Writ Petition No: 263 of 2012lodged by Mrs. Alka  Aparadh (41),elder  sister of the deceased.
                   Nitin More was married to Ayeshsa (28) in Mumbai. But, because Nitin already had purchased Flat no. 201 at the Gurukul CHS, Matunga (Mumbai) under the S.R.A. in his and Ayesha’s names,  he could not purchase another flat in their names. So, he purchased a three bedroom flat at Rami Heritage, at Akola, ‘benami”, in the name of his sister-in law Abha Rathod ,(26) , where she is  working as a Nurse. According to Alka, there were lot of fictions and quarrels between Nitin and his wife as his flat at Akola , which he purchased fpr Rs.11 lakhs,  is now valued  at more thanRs. 30 lakhs ,and her sister ,Abha, wanted a large share of the proceeds when it was sold.
                   On January 22nd, 2011 Nitin,  Ayesha , and with their four years daughter, and Abha, came at Akola to sell the flat to a buyer they had  identified.  However, on January,26 last , at about 11.30 p.m. Ayesha  alleged that Nitin died  of electrocution ,  from  the water immersion heater. She said he  had touched the immersion rod heater that someone had kept on, in the bathroom. Accordingly to her ,she and her sister ,between them, brought Nitin to the Vidharbha Hospital ,where he was declared dead on arrival. They returned to the flat  at Rami Heritage , in an auto, and  carried the body up to the 4th floor ,with the help  from the  watchman, Surprisingly, none of the neighbors seem to be aware of this incident. Ayesha then made a call to someone at Nashik, who arranged for an ambulance to collect Nitin body, which was brought 580 k.m. to  the Sion Police Station ay Mumbai.There were neither Doctor’s report certifying the death nor police clearance obtained by Ayesha from Akola or Mumbai.  A police inspector from the Sion Police Station then handed Nitin’s body the Sion General Hospital on January, 28, 20011,  declaring that he had died in Flat No: 201, Gurukul CHA, Matunga in Mumbai ,for post mortem. After that ,Nitin body was handed over to his wife who immediately cremenated it.
                   Alka, a school teacher from Mumbai ,has alleged foul play in the suspicious manner in which her brother died. There are no papers at Vidharbha Hospital, even though it is a medico legal case, or any doctor’s certificate  certifying  her brother’s death .. With no action from the Akola police,  Nitin’s another sister, Shilpa, wrote to R.R. Patil , Minister for Home on February 3,2011  and only then  the Akola police finally registered the incident as F.I.R. no. 02/2011 on  February 11,2011 under section 174 of Cr.P.C.,when, according to Alka , they should have proceeded for charges of murder under section 302  and disappearance of evidence  under 201 of IPC  against Ayesha and her accomplices..
                   In the meanwhile ,Alka had alleged that Ayesha has “sold flat no. 201 at Gurukul CHS Matunga reportedly to one Basavras Koli , Chairman of the Society for a large sum, even though she has not yet  obtained the Succession Certificate,. It is to sell  flat secured under the SRA, or rent them out, for at least  10 years after  purchase. Therefore ,the transaction with Koli is  illegal and the SRA authorities should take back the flat , says Alka.
                   Alka has also lodged complaints with Arup Patnaik C.P. Mumbai on May 24,  for house breaking, criminal trespass and other offence committed by one Rajesh Sharma ,in connivance with Ayesha ,who forcibly tried to take possession of her mother=s  flat in the Gurukul CHS., It seems that Sharma, who is a goon from a political party ,was paid a contract / ‘supari’ of Rs. 5 lakhs by Ayesha , from the money she got from Koli, to take ‘Kabza ‘(forcible possession) of the flat, whose market value is over Rs. 35 lakhs. Neither the Mumbai nor the Akola police have taken  any  action on her complaints ,which speaks volumes   for  the influence Ayesha’s associates , who are allegedly powerful politicians ,  wield, Alka lamented .
                   The Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court vide order dated 23/07/2012 has given two weeks time ,up till  August 6 ,for the Director General of Police  to give his reply.
                    Advocates Amit Kumar Bowmik , along with  Harshal; P. Lingayat appeared for the  Petitioner, while A.G.P. represented the State and the other  Respondents ,including the Director General of Police.