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JNUSU Has Given A Call


Join Ground Campaign Against the Face of

Communal Hate and Violence, Corporate Appeasement and Corruption!

The tradition of JNUSU has always been to question the powerful and create a space for alternative, democratic voices to be heard.


Over the last year leading up to the Lok Sabha elections, we have been witnessing the massive build up and aggressive rise of corporate-communal fascism with Modi as the mascot. These Lok Sabha elections have been marked by a carefully orchestrated build up of communal polarisation, accompanied by the implementation of a corporate-dictated economic script.


Probably for the first time in our electoral history, the country is witnessing an unprecedented propaganda blitz where every hoarding, every newspaper, every website  is screaming “Modi”, giving an impression that a ‘mass hypnosis’ has overtaken the whole country. We are being told ‘Forget Gujarat 2002, embrace Modi as the messiah of ‘good governance’! Undoubtedly, it is not just another election process.

When M4 – the media manufacture Modi mania- speak in one voice, it is our duty and commitment to stand against this manufactured ‘consensus’. That is why JNUSU has given a call to go to Varanasi and campaign against Modi.


The massive corruption and corporate-loot with its attendant price rise and surging unemployment have created a huge crisis of legitimacy for the Manmohan regime. Unfortunately, a more authoritarian, more repressive, more demagogic, face is trying to take advantage of popular anger against the UPA rule.


Modi, with his ideology and demagogy of hate, his proven track-record of the 2002 genocide and subsequent encounters of Muslim men and women on one hand and his no-holds-barred appeasement of the Adanis-Ambanis-TATAs-Essars in Gujarat on the other, has emerged as more trusted ‘new hero’ of both the communal and corporate lobby.


The people of Uttar Pradesh have, time and again, rejected the BJP‘s communal agenda. So this time around, Modi started his foray in UP by sending his time-tested right hand man Amit Shah to re-ignite communal tensions in the state. And under Shah’s stewardship UP soon witnessed one of the most horrific and crafted communal riots in Muzaffarnagar, that displaced about 40,000 families. No BJP, SP or Congress came to the aid of those displaced. On the contrary, they made statements against the displaced. And Amit Shah reconfirmed the communal game-plan for votes by giving an open call for “vote for revenge” in the Jat localities during his election campaign!


At such a crucial point, it becomes our duty, to resist the rise of this corporate-led communal-fascist model of politics. We reject the attempts to obliterate the crime of the 2002 Gujarat riot and the series of fake encounters of Muslim men and women that followed since then. We refuse to turn a blind eye towards the venom spewed by Modi in his hateful speeches. We refuse to ignore the communal incitements, the calls to violence and the attempts to divide the people on sectarian lines. We refuse to endorse the brazen sell-out of country’s natural resources to a caucus of crony corporates being peddled as ‘development’.  This is what JNUSU has always stood for.


We must also raise the fundamental questions: What are the sources of funds that have powered the unprecedented media blitz for Modi? What then are the interests of these funders? Can there be any fair choice, unless and until people get to know of these behind-the- scene forces? Can there be any “fair choice” when all alternative information is blacked-out by an all-pervasive bias? What, after all, remains of claims of ‘democracy’ when all means of ‘informed choice’ is choked off by manufactured ‘mania’? It is our urgent duty to stop this fast descent of democracy to corporatocracy!


JNUSU strongly appeals to the students, teachers and citizen’s in Delhi to join a campaign in Varanasi to defeat the mascot of corporate-communal fascism.


The JNUSU team will leave Delhi on 28 April, 2014. The team, which will reach Varanasi on 29 th April, will stay there for about a week and carry out door-to-door campaigns as well as public programmes in the Varanasi city and adjacent areas of the constituency.


JNUSU will also make arrangements for another team after 5 May once the semester exam in the JNU campus to reach Varanasi to campaign during the last few days before elections.

Those who are interested to join the campaign in Varanasi are requested to contact the below mentioned JNUSU members.


Akbar, President JNUSU (9013898178) and Sandeep Saurav, General Secy., JNUSU (9013778740)


Akbar Chawdhary


JNU Students’ Union (JNUSU)

Jawaharlal Nehru University

New Delhi-110067


Phone- 9013898178

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