Conflict in Jadavpur Let their be Peace not Police!University can be resolved
Through dialogue and impartial inquiry

The turmoil that is created amongst the student population of Jadavpur University and the larger community is indeed very unfortunate, since the Jadavpur University (JU) is known for its academic excellence but also for the progressive outlook of its students and faculty both. The conflict and the violence seems to have been intensified not by the outsiders as the Governor of the West Bengal suspects but by the insiders themselves. Looking into the series of instances as well as the explanations put forth by all parties, there is no doubt that the conflict was and is such that can be resolved, provided non violence is accepted as the common principle by all. The State through its concerned departments and agencies, may it be the Education department or the Police administration itself, is supposed to be the most responsible and capable in dealing with any situation of students’ ire to agitation by going to the root cause and not the lathis or shoot-culture. The large scale unity amongst the students of Kolkata and the solidarity expressed outside, is likely to give this message to the state of West Bengal as also the all governance that have exhibited either callousness or excitement in dealing with the student’s issues and concerns, may it be the DU, JNU or JU.

While the cause of the agitation by the JU youths was an incidence of molestation as was complained by one of the students, there was no reason why the University and its vice-chancellor (VC) should not have dealt with the same with due sensitivity and participatory approach. The demand that led to the action of the Day by the students that extended into the night of September 17th, was only to get some impartial persons into the inquiry committee appointed by the State. It was indeed no great deal for the VC and the administration to find a wa