Subject: Complaint on the issue of Humiliation and Purposive Discrimination on the grounds of Adivasi Identity.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With great agony and pain this is to bring to your kind notice that that I Naveen Kumar Tigga, S/O Mele Tigga from Jashpur District of Chhattisgarh presently studying in 3rd Semester MSW at Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur, Chhattisgrah, was intentionally insulted and humiliated for months by Prof. Pratibha J. Mishra, Head of Social Work Department, Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Koni, Bilaspur. The worst happened on 25/10/2013 when she purposely held the viva in a group, where-as the viva always has to be an individual one. So she picked me and humiliated me in front of whole group and coerced me and her words were- “You are useless”, “Your culture made you like this”, “How come you got admission”, “You are not fit for anything”, “You people are blots  on the education system” “ Just see this guy….. Good for nothing…..!! Shame on you…! She said, “I was noticing you since first day…… You won’t get any job in your life” and earlier once she directly told me that you should leave the course”

After the incident of 25-10-2013, I never felt like coming to the class, and was completely broken and depressed and psychologically impacted to the extent that I stopped talking even with my family and friends and thought of ending my life, but after discussing with my family members I got the courage to file the case. Because of this psychological trauma I never attended any class from 25/10/2013 and not appeared the ongoing 3rd Semester Examination.

As a student from poor economic background and being a Scheduled Tribe, I never had the courage to register an atrocity case against Prof. Pratibha J. Mishra and instead chose to suffer. It was only when my parents got to know about the incident that they motivated me to file the case for justice as we the Tribals are the victims for no fault.

I plead you to take necessary action against Prof. Pratibha J. Mishra and help me to continue my studies.

Till now I have not submitted any complaint to the University authorities, as I know the Professor is having a good hold with the higher authorities and she always use to threaten me and other students in the name of Vice-Chancellor.

So I fear the worst from her and the authorities, as previously also many of the students left the department because of her alone and the Authorities never bothered.

The same kind of purposive humiliation happened with me many times and many people are witness for that.                                                                                

I have filed a complaint in the Office of DSP, Bilaspur and Police Station, Koni Bilaspur on 30/11/2013. The copy of registered complaint attached herewith for your reference.

Now I am really fearful of worst from her side. Once again I plead you to take the necessary action to redress my grievance and continue my study.     

With great agony and pain

Nveen Kumar Tigga.

MSW, 3rd Semester Student

Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur (C.G)

(Central University)

Mobile: 9301359347


Copy of FIR FILED in Bilaspur



Chairman, State ST Commission, Chhattisgarh

Chairman, National ST Commission, New Delhi

Chairman, State Human Rights Commission, Chhattisgarh

Chairman, National Human Right Commission, New Delhi

Principal Secretary, MHRD, New Delhi

Cabinet Minister, Ministry of Human Resource Management, New Delhi

Cabinet Minister for ST Affairs, New Delhi

State Minster for ST Affairs, CG


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