Mumbai Press Club notes with serious concern the Sanatan Sansthna targeting
Shaymsundar Sonnar, a senior journalist with a Marathi newspaper ‘Prahaar
and senior journalist Nikhil Wagle.

In view of arrests of people associated with Sanatan Prabhat in connection
with veteran secularist and Leftist leader Comrade Govind Pansare’s murder,
Sonnar has filed a formal police complaint and has asked the police for
protection for him and his family from the right wing organisation.

Sanatan Prabhat wrote an article targeting Sonnar for his interpretation of
Sant Tukaram‘s pro-science preaching. Sonnar is a vaarkari preacher who is
invited by people across Maharashtra for kirtans and public speeches. His
rationalist views are very much appreciated and well accepted. The
newspaper’s article which appeared on Sept 1, 2015, spat venom against the
senior journalist and called him anti-Hindu.

Nikhil Wagle, a senior journalist, is also under threat. He is getting
threat from Sanatan Sanstha since 2011. Maharashtra police has also found
that Nikhil’s name was mentioned regularly in the telephonic conversation
between arrested Samir Gaikwad and some other members of Sanatan Sanstha
including absconder Rudra Patil. Mumbai police officials recently met
Nikhil and requested him for the police protection. Nikhil has refused
security as it will hamper his journalistic activities.

The Mumbai Press Club fully stands behind Sonnar and Wagle and his family
members and calls upon the Mumbai Police and the Maharashtra Government to
take serious note of it.