Narmada Yatris march the streets of Indore protesting illegal decision to raise Sardar Sarovar dam height

Supporters and public of Indore support the demands of oustees for rehabilitation  and review of SSP

Yatra shall move towards Ujjain, Ratlam and reach Delhi on 1st for massive protest


29th November/ Indore: Representatives of the Sardar Sarovar dam affected from three states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra thronged the streets of Indore city today as part of their six-days Yatra to challenge the unlawful decision of NDA government to raise the height of the Sardar Sarovar Dam by 17 meters that would lead to a watery grave of 45,000 families.

The oustees questioned the false claims of rehabilitation as also the 1000-crores corruption scam which is being investigated by a Judicial commission in Madhya Pradesh. Hilly Adivasis from Maharashtra demanded rehabilitation with land. Oustees from Gujarat also challenged the lack of rehabilitation in the state and false claims of R&R, deprivation of land of hundreds etc.  A strong demand was made to recognize the ownership rights of the oustees under the new Land Acquisition Act.

In the past six months thousands of oustees have been carrying out massive protests in Badwani, Dhar, Indore, Bhopal  and  Delhi demanding the government to recall its illegal decision and review the actual status of rehabilitation of the thousands of adivasis, farmers, fish-workers, potters, labourers etc   also the actual costs and benefits of the Sardar Sarovar Project. Medha Patkar, walking along with the protestors demanded immediately halt to the construction work at Sardar Sarovar and claimed that the decision is largely motivated by corporate thirst for Narmada waters and command area land, rather than the interests of farmers.

Many senior social activists and progressive social organizations from Indore also participated in the rally today. Anil Trivedi, Senior Gandhian and advocate, Chinmay Mishra, Sarvoday Press Service, Ashok Dubey, Roopankan, Ajay Lagoo, Pramod Bagdi, Jayaprakash bhai and others stood in solidarity at the Regal Chouraha, where a homage was paid to Gandhi Pratimaand the Prime Minister was reminded of the Gandhian approach to respect the lives and livelihoods of the villages, which is the heart of India.

Many elderly farmers, women and children walked the streets of Indore shouting slogans, distributing leaflets and exhorting the residents of Indore to standby the struggle in the Narmada valley since the issues of land and water management in Nimad and Malwa region are interconnected.  Representatives of the Indira Sagar and Omkareshwar canal affected farmers also participated demanding review of the canals and halt to Omkareshwar-Kshipra Link Project which is planned more in the interest of corporates rather than the rural masses.

The Yatra began at Badwani yesterday paying homage to the freedom strugglers at Shaheed Stambh followed by a meeting at Anjad. The Yatra shall proceed to Ujjain and Ratlam tomorrow where also public rallies and meetings shall be held to raise awareness and gather solidarity on the issue. The Yatra shall reach Delhi on the 1st December where the Yatris would be joined by hundreds of oustees from the Narmada valley for a massive rally at Jantar Mantar.

Thousands of people from across the country shall gather at Delhi on 2nd December as part of a CONVERGENCE to protest the unjust and undemocratic decisions of the Modi government on issues of land acquisition, forest rights, health, agriculture, education, land etc. Some Yatris shall also join the survivals of Bhopal gas tragedy on the 3rd of December in Bhopal.

Jikubhai Tadvi, Devram Kanera, Jashodabai, Radhabai, Mukesh Bhagoria, Pavan Yadav, Vijay Valvi    



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