Notice to BIHAR Govt and CRPF u/s sec 3(2) of Forest Rights Act 2006

to vacate the Hospital premises within a month

Thousands of women, children and men in Adhoura Block, Distt Kaimur, protested against the illegal occupation of hospital by para military force over a decade, thus denying the basic facilities to the people of this area. The notice was served to all the departments to seriously implement the spirit of FRA and to start all the development work that does not exist in the hilly terrain of Kaimur region. This notice was served by the ” Forest Rights Committee” elected under the FRA. Till date there is not even a single village that is connected by the road in this region. The Block headquarter Adhoura too does not have roads. The forest people of this region have focused on the issue of development to start with the implementation of FRA.

On 9th feb 2013, thousands of women, children and men assembled under the banner of Kaimur Mukti Morcha, National Forum of Forest People and Forest workers and launched a massive struggle against the government of Bihar for not implementing FRA in this region. The rally was organized that started from Dr. Viniyan Ashram at 12PM that first went to Block premises where recently STF Bihar has been in illegal occupation in the hall of Block where the training of anganwadi workers take place. The notice to vacate the premises was sticked on the wall of the block conference hall where STF jawans were camping. The mass rally than proceeded towards police station ADhoura, the station officer was nervous to see the massive gathering and came out of the police station to welcome the rally. He allowed women to stick the notice demanding the hospital and schools premises to be vacated by the para military forces and the state forces. The photos are attached. The mass rally than proceeded towards the old premises of hospital that virtually has no facility and is in ruined condition. The notice as also pasted there too.
The kafila of women than proceeded to the forest range office where seeing so many women the forest staff fled from the range office. Women sticked the notice there. It was announced by the people that the forest range office now belongs to forest rights committee and they will form federation of these committees and open their office in the range office as none of the forest staff is working for conservation of forest. They are involved in loot of the forest resources. After pasting the notice the rally proceeded towards Block office and asked the BDO to inform the District Magistrate that they want their Act to be implemented within a month and start all the development work in a month period. They also announced that all the forces camping in the school, hospital and block premises should vacate the premises within a month.

After sticking notices to all the departments the mass rally proceeded towards the new hospital premises that is situated on the main approach road to Adhoura, where the CRPF is camping. The Station officer immediately came with the local police force and tried to stop the rally by saying that no one in allowed to enter the ” prohibited area” where CRPF is camping. The FRC postholders said that they were not going to prohibited area rather they are going to their hospital to vacate it from illegal occupants. The protesters also argued that the only approach road to a very backward area cannot by prohibited area and if it is so than SO, PS Adhoura should give in writing. The station officer had to allow the rally to proceed ahead. . Just 100mt before the hospital, the road was blocked by CRPF jawans who were in posture to attack the rally. Their postures were condemned by the protestors since their demand was a legal demand and move of CRPF jawans were uncalled for. Sensing the commotion the Station officer urged the protestors to stop there and present their memorandum and allowed a delegation to stick the notice to vacate the premises on the gate of camp of CRPF. Around 20 women escorted by the SO and local police, with shouting slogans went and pasted the notice on the gate of hospital and proclaimed that if the hospital premises is not vacated within a month than the hospital will be taken over by the people. They also said that they will continue their dharna till the hospital services are resumed in this area.

The mass rally was converted into a big mass meeting at the Birsa Chowk in Adhoura block where many leaders of Kaimur Mukti Morcha, NFFPFW and FRC representatives gave ultimatum to Bihar government to seriously implement all the legislation that is geared towards the development of the local tribal and forest people. Ashok chowdhury, Gen.Sect NFFPFW said that if the hospital and other development activities are not resumed in Adhoura block within a month they will raise this issue with the Parliamentary Committee, the loksabha speaker being the MP of this Constituency. He also said that the anti people behavior of para military forces will be reported to the Home ministry. The speakers also said that now they will talk to the political representative rather than talking to officials who are totally insensitive to whole of this issue.

BDO while addressing the public gathering said they will soon send these demands to the district officials and promised to arrange a high level meeting on implemenation of the Act by end of february.

This action by the FRC’s brought lot of confidence among the local people especially women. There were lot of rumor spread by the dalals of CRPF, police and feudals that the protestors will be taught lesson, they will be shot at and they will arrested etc. But the paramilitary forces, police were speechless in front of women power and they were on the back foot rather than being offensive. The mass rally and the public meeting was very well organized and disciplined. Moreover this move got a popular support by the entire civil society of the Distt Kaimur and created a deep impact. We are quite sure that within a month the para military forces will certainly vacate the hospital premises, so as the schools and block conference hall that is in possession of these forces. There is now SC ruling also that no schools, hospitals and public building should be provided to forces.

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