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OCCUPATION STRIKE at ASTI factory this morning by permanent workers Union inside and contract workers at the gate. Huge deployment of police force in the factory premises and at the gate continues to increase. Workers Unions from Maruti Suzuki Manesar, Suzuki Powertrain, Suzuki Motorcycle, Omax Auto, Satyam Auto, Endurance have already come to the factory gate in solidarity, while other workers and Unions are fast joining us.

In the morning, one of the contractors Sandeep, slapped and harassed Pratap, the ASTI Employees Union President, in an argument over why the permanent workers Union have done black-badging yesterday and done lunch-boycott day before in support of the contract workers on dharna at the factory gate. All permanent workers inside the plant struck work in a sit-in inside the factory now.

Yesterday, while the Gurgaon Labour Inspector Ishwar Singh Hooda came to coax and force us to call off the fast-unto-death, but all the workers unitedly refused and resolved to continue with 15thday of fast-unto-death today and 39th day of dharna at the factory gate. One woman worker on hunger strike, Bhavna has been hospitalized today, while the administration continues with their adamanant anti-worker attitude.

In the meeting with the ALC (Additional Labour Commissioner) Gurgaon yesterday, Workers Unions members from ASTI Electronics, Munjal Kiriu (who are themselves on strike since 24th September 2014), Maruti Suzuki Manesar, Maruti Suzuki Gurgaon, Suzuki Powertrain, Suzuki Motorcycles, Autofit Dharuhera, Endurance Manesar, Baxter Manesar, Hero Honda Manesar went with us in solidarity. Representatives from civil society from Delhi like PUDR also came in soldarity. But under pressure from and acting as the management’s hands who asked for three more days, the Labour deparetment gave no concrete assurance.

Today’s solidarity strike action by the permanent workers have enthused us that our struggle is not in vain and that it is part of the common struggle of all workers across divisions and factories in the industrial belt!

Theka Pratha Murabad!
Inqlab Zindabad!

ASTI Theka Mazdoor Sangharsh Samiti

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