Press Release, August 31, 2013
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Some individual members of Janahit Seva Samiti and others have met the industry minister Shri
Narayan Rane today and submitted a letter saying they are willing to accept the Jaitapur
Nuclear Power Project. We wish to clarify unequivocally that Janahit Seva Samiti is not party to
this decision.
The people of Madban, Jaitapur and Sakhari Nate and other project-affected villages and the
other organizations were not involved nor consulted by the concerned individuals regarding
this development at any point.
The Fukushima Nuclear disaster has now been declared as a permanent level 3 nuclear
disaster. The radiation released is continuing uncontrollably and indefinitely into ground water
and surrounding ocean. We are determined that another Fukushima will not be allowed to
threaten or happen in the biodiversity-rich Konkan region. The NPCIL or the state government
have never been able to justify this project, or answer satisfactorily any of the scientific
objections related to environmental, technical, and economic aspects raised by us from time
to time.
The mass opposition to the Jaitapur Nuclear Power project based on sound scientific points will
continue on various fronts with more rigour in the coming days, unaffected by this development.
Janhit Seva Samiti Shyamsundar Narvekar, Secretary
Maharashtra Macchimar KrutI Samiti, Ratnagiri Amjad Borkar
Konkan Bachao Samiti Dr. Vivek Monteiro, Adwait Pednekar,
Arun Velaskar, Ravi Joshi, Madhu Mohite,
Mangesh Chavan
Yusuf Meherally Centre Dr. G. G. Parekh
Konkan Vinashkari Prakalpvirodhi Samiti Satyjit Chavan
Konkan Bachao Samiti

On behalf of

Konkan Bachao Samiti – Mumbai
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