Four Eminent Judges of India to receive petitions for Sardar Sarovar Affected on Development, Displacement and Rehabilitation

Date: 12th September, 2015 [11:00 AM Onwards]

Generations old communities on the banks of Narmada are to be drowned and destroyed as the work to raise the height of Sardar Sarovar Dam is continuing unabated. The question right now is about Right to Life. Have all Dam displaced including 244 hill and plain villages of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, and one, Dharampuri township been rehabilitated with their families? According to the decision of the Tribunal and Rehabilitation Policy has every family of land holder; adult son, mothers or landless got rehabilitation benefits and accommodation at resettlement sites as per law? Have farmers got right to land, fisherman to fish or labourers and businessmen any alternative livelihood? Have the displaced got house plots and all amenities for a better life?

For the last 30 years, we have raised these questions in front of every regime, both state and central. Non violent Satyagrahas and movements secured rehabilitation for more than 11000 families. But more than 40,000 families are still in their own villages asking for their rights. Cost benefit analysis of the Dam shared amongst farmers in Gujarat, Adivasis and Companies is constantly changing.

And still, the height of Sardar Sarovar Dam is being increased from 122 meters to 139 meters. Gujarat government is installing gates in convenience with the central government. Who will stand for the rights of the displaced in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat? Will their rights be protected or will their rights be protected or will their rights be drowned along with their life and livelihoods? With all farms, villages, lakhs of trees, schools, small and medium trades, artisans; temples and mosques submerge in water?

According to Article 21 of the Constitution, How and who will save the rights of the displaced? Will they ever become beneficiaries & attain a better standard of living? Do the law and judgments stand violated when the height is being raised and gates planned to be put up?

During, ‘Jeevan Adhikar Satyagrah’, which is going on since August 12th, 2015 at Rajghat, Madhya Pradesh, we have called for a People’s Tribunal on 12th September where a jury consisting of judges from Hon’ble High Courts of country, will hear these questions from the affected people of the valley.

Justice P. C. Jain (Rajasthan), Justice V. D. Gyani (Madhya Pradesh),

Justice N. K. Modi (Indore, Madhya Pradesh), Justice Nagamohan Das (Karnataka)


Date: 12th September, 2015 [11:00 AM Onwards]

Venue: Rajghat, Badwani [Madhya Pradesh]

Apart from villagers in huge numbers, progressive intellectuals and citizens are also invited. Villagers as well as supporters are requested to submit written memos by 05:00 PM, 11th September at Rajghat.

Inviting Committee:

Justice (Retd.) Rajendra Sachar [New Delhi], Prof. Anil Sadgopal [Educationist]

Sayeda Hameeda [Former Member Planning Commission], Ramdas Bhatkal [Author – Publisher]

Anand Patwardhan [Film Maker], Sagar Sarhadi [Script Writer]