NFF press statement

Hon’ble Minister for Shipping and Surface Transport Shri. Nithin Katkari had yesterday announced that the Central Government would take a decision to carry out the Sethu Samudram Project in a manner that would not demolish the Ramar bridge.

But the unanimous decision of the entire fishermen population of our Tamilnadu is to abandon the Sethu Samudram project as it certainly would affect the livelihood of five lakh fishermen of South East Districts of Tamilnadu.

If the Sethu Samudram project fulfilled, the fishermen would be pushed out of their only known inherited occupation of fishing and the ultimate result is to be starvation death.

We are ready to sacrifice our soul to prevent the said project as It is so clear that would totally affect the livelihood of fishermen.

In addition we request the Central Government to pay its invaluable attention to the words of Environmentalists that rare species that are found only in certain parts of World Seas are found in the Seas of proposed Sethu Samudram project area.

Apart from the above concern, Oceanographers and Shipping experts also added that the Sethu Samudram project surely is not a one to give sufficient earning to the Government and it is absolutely wrong to throw the public money into the Sea without minding the outcoming.

Hence we condemn with pain the Sethu Samudram project that would be completed using the public money with devastating environment and extinguishing the rare species from the Sea bed.

We have the reasonable doubt that this new Government also proceeding the same way with ulterior motto of selfishness for their comfort and luxury.

Because of the determination of the previous Government to carry on and eager in accomplishing the Sethu Samudram project, the people of Southern Districts of Tamilnadu had thrown them out of their power.

Hence we humbly request the present Central Government under the Chairmanship of Shri. Narendra Modi to take into account the facts submitted by us before taking any unwanted decision pertaining to Sethu Samudram project and we expect the total abandonment of the Sethu Samudram project to protect the livelihood of fishermen, rare species of Sea and also the environment and as Shakespeare says that Ceasar’s wife should be beyond the doubt. We expect the same from present Central Government also would be beyond any doubt in its decision and activities.

Chairperson, NFF