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Press Release :

SUCI ( C ) Fight In Baroda Loksabha  Constituency

Against Anti people’s Policies of Shri. Narendra Modi & Danger of Fascist Menaces To  Uphold People’s Cause with Morality& Ethics

Socialist Unity Centre of India(Communist) (S.U.C.I.(C)) has fielded Comrade Tapan Dasgupta as the candidate for Loksabha Elections against ‘PM in waiting’ Sh. Narendra Modi.

Shri. Tapan Dasgupta has dedicated himself entirely to the revolutionary cause since his student life. He is active in Public life of Vadodara since 20 years. He has continuously made efforts to build up peoples’ movement against Price Rise, Unemployment, Educational and Health issues, against atrocities on women, against exploitation and for the rights of workers, peasants, etc. He has actively volunteered himself in the activities of various citizens’ forums like Movement for Secular Democracy(M.S.D.), P.U.C.L., Vadodara Shanti Abhiyan-2002, etc. He  is part and parcel of Vadodara Nagarik Sangarsh Manch, which has  been taking  people’s issues.

Shri Tapan Dasgupta is always a ready volunteer for natural calamities. He has considered his human duty to work for the relief of victims of Natural Calamities like Kandla Cyclone, Orissa Supecyclone, Gujarat Earthquake, Tsunami in Southern India, Floods of Vadodara and Surat as well as recent disaster in Uttarakhand. He has played a significant role in spreading Anna Hazare‘s anti corruption movement among students and youths of Vadodara & appointment of Lok Ayukta in the State .

In his long history of peoples’ movement on higher ethics, morals and character, he has been considered by the common people as the champion of people’s struggle.


Thus this Loksabha election for Vadodara Parliamentary seat will be the fight between the people’s cause with high morality and ethics against anti people   ruthless ruler of Gujarat The fight is  for justice against injustice and Fascist menaces. To  make Fear Free Gujarat and illusion Free India from Gujarat Development Model.

In fact the fight in this Lokasabha poll in Vododara will be between people’s cause against  CAPITALISM, CORPORATE Houses.



State Secretary

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