Government of India had called for bidders to set up PPP –  Model Schools in non – Backward blocks. In Tamilnadu 356 Schools are to be set up.

In this process, the Government of India has totally negated the federal concept of our nation which is against the spirit of the Constitution of India.

The Centre has placed  the  State Governments   in the status of facilitators to help the private players who are  willing to set up PPP Model Schools to procure land and help them in all ways even after Centre’s assistance period is over. The RFG II issued by MHRD clearly paves the way for transferring public money and property to the private and encourage Commercialisation of School Education and Profiteering by the Private Institutes. As a result strongly built Public Education System in Tamilnadu will be destroyed. The Government Schools set up and strenghted during the days of Late Shri K. Kamaraj, former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu will be weakened and wiped out in toto. The depressed class will be deprived of their education with dignity.

It is given to understand that 2013, October 28 is the last date for the State Governments to send their objections to the Setting up of PPP Model Schools in the Educationally Non Back Ward Blocks in their States and in the Review Meeting that is to be held on 2013, October 30 at New Delhi decision on Bidder application is to be taken.

The State Platform for Common School System(SPCSS) pleads with the Government of Tamilnadu to strongly object to the Centre’s move to set up PPP Model Schools under CBSE Syllabus in 356 Blocks in Tamilnadu with out seeking the opinion of the State Government and to make sure that at least an officer not less than the Rank of Secretary to the Government to participate in the Review Meeting and stall the Centre’s move to set up PPP Model Schools in the State.

SPCSS has sent a letter in this regard  to the Hon’ble Chief Minister , Government of Tamilnadu.

We request you to kindly publish the news.

With Warm Regards,
General Secretary
State Platform for Common School System
No. 14A, Solaiappan Street, T. Nagar Chennai 600017
Ph: 2834 1456

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