Shabnam Hashmi ,[in Delhi on July 6]

A meeting was held from 5-7pm at the constitution club, rafi marg yesterday which was to be attended by Ishrat’s family among hundreds of other activists, artists, intellectuals, academicians, lawyers.

around 1.30pm Mansi Sharma forwarded me Madhu Kishwar‘s tweet inviting people to the meeting on my behalf.

I decided to reach early as the signal had clear indications.

at 3.30 one and a half hours prior to the programme a channel recently responsible for a planted IB story arrived- again from our past experience of being attacked that is the pattern.

I informed the Constitution Club authorities and spoke to the DCP. after an attempt recently on Ishrat’s mother in Mumbra– all precautions had to be taken. She is the petitioner and we know the skills of the opponents.

About 15 Sanghis appeared around 4-4.15pm and sat in the hall. they were taken out and shown the door. they were quite surprised how we recognised them!! so was the media who was waiting for a spectacle during the meeting.

Once out their leader told them ‘do what you came for’ so they took out their saffron patkas and started shouting slogans and tore a banner.

They neither managed to manhandle any of the organisers nor Shamima, who was their real target, nor disrupt the meeting.

It is clear that as the probe is closing down on them, they are getting desperate and they know only one language and that is of violence.

The meeting started at 5.10pm attended by hundreds of people and continued peacefully till 7pm, then the candle light vigil followed.

What they don’t realise that they cannot silence voices by manipulations, by force, by violence.

Na unki rasm nai hai, na apni reet nai
Yuhin hamesha khilaye hain humne aag mein phool
Na unki haar nai hai na apni jeet nai


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