Violation of NGT order due to nexus between mafias, police and politicians


Rajasthan/ New Delhi, 5th Nov, 2014: Illegal blast in the stone quarries in Bharala (Jeer ki chowki), Neem Ka Thana, Rajasthan has seriously wounded 3 women, including a girl child. The blast which took place at 3 in the afternoon was without any warning when the three had gone to the jungle to collect firewood.


The brutal incident exposes the clear violation of the order by National Green Tribunal (NGT), Bhopal bench, which had heard a detailed case against such illegal mining and came to the conclusion that all the mining activities in Neem Ka Thana as well as in Sikar district must be stopped since 23rdSeptember, the date of judgement by NGT. In the PIL filed by Kailash Meena, the NGT also ordered the Rajasthan Government to conduct state-wide survey and seize all the illegal stone crushers in Rajasthan. However, despite the order, the nexus between mafias, police and politicians is putting villager’s lives into great danger.


It also needs to be noted that as per NGT judgment dated 5th Aug 2013, as also directed that there can be no mining of miner minerals, of whatever size without the approval of the central Ministry of Environmental Forest (MOEF). This has not been sought and yet extraction goes on causing irreparable damage to air, water, tree, land, etc.


In what seems to be yet another failure of Rajasthan government to protect people’s well-being, today’s blast is a painful reminder that in spite of the judicial victory of the people of Neem ka thana who have been agitating against illegal stone crushing and mining for over 10 years and have faced attacks from police and mafias, the road to justice is still long, but people are resolute to struggle for their rights. Further, concerning today’s blast, FIR has been lodged at the police station and the contempt case also may be filed.



National Alliance of People’s Movements demands full stoppage of illegal stone crushing and mining in Neem ka Thana and whole of Rajasthan. We demand complete compliance with order passed by NGT so that people and environment are safe. We urge the concerned citizens to write letters to the Chief Minister of Rajasthan at the earliest to demand the same (emails can also be sent to [email protected] or [email protected] )




Medha Patkar, Kailash Meena (+91 9928136988), Madhuresh Kumar (+91 9818905316)