Support Group for Justice for Kunan Poshpora Survivors

We Remember, We Resist!
Kashmiri Women’s Resistance Day
Press Release
23 February 2014

In the last 66 years of Indian rule, women of Jammu and Kashmir have been subjected to structural and institutionalized violence which includes different forms of sexualized violence, extra-judicial executions, abductions, disappearances, torture and trafficking perpetrated by Indian Armed forces. Sexualized violence has been used as a weapon of war against women of Jammu and Kashmir. Despite trauma and repression the women have stood against all forms of violence. The resilience of women has made us realize the fact that rape brings dishonor to the rapist and not to the victim.
The mass rape and torture at Kunan Poshpora on February 23, 1991 is emblematic of both the pervasive culture of impunity for sexual crimes, and of the long-standing resistance against such atrocities. The women and men of Kunan and Poshpora have been fighting for justice for two decades and their fight still continues with more determination as others join their struggle. In support of this remarkable struggle we the members of Support Group for Justice for Kunan Poshpora Survivors are commemorating 23rd February as Kashmiri Women’s Resistance Day. The day is an effort to show our unconditional solidarity for the women of Kunan Poshpora and for all other women of Jammu and Kashmir who have suffered at the hands of occupying forces and have stood up to fight.
We take this opportunity to appreciate the women of Jammu and Kashmir, who have been victimized on one hand, and on the other have displayed immense courage and resistance by raising their voice against the violence inflicted upon them. We recognize that occupation and militarization creates conditions hostile to gender equality and women’s rights. As a part of the continuing struggle the women of Jammu and Kashmir have formed groups to fight against disappearances, torture and illegal detentions. They have been pursuing cases before all available legal forums and have been endeavoring to expose contradictions of the state and its perpetrators without succumbing to any pressure or harassment. The support group stands in solidarity with women of Jammu and Kashmir in their fight against impunity, violence and injustices.
Even though we may confront more challenges in the journey of justice, but we will never allow the perpetrators to get away, or bury their injustices under the castles of fake promises and development. We will neither forget nor forgive. We shall continue to endorse, support, recognize and remember the sacrifices of women of Jammu and Kashmir. We shall continue to fight and resist against all forms of structural violence perpetrated against women in Jammu and Kashmir.

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