Long Live Student-Teacher-Karamchari Unity !

Long Live Campus Democracy!

A Memorable Victory for Students’ Movement!


The suspension of Prof. Neeraj Hatekar has finally been revoked after 13 days of students’ protests. On January 4, Prof. Hatekar had been suspended in an extremely undemocratic fashion by the MU authorities for raising questions about our welfare, the functioning of the university and the irregularities going on in the university. On January 6, on the call of the UCDE, a students’ protest was organized demanding the revocation of Prof. Hatekar’s unjust suspension. On January 8, again, a protest was organized which was attended by approximately 400 students. When the MU authorities continued to show their callous attitude to the demands raised by the students, the students again organized Silent Protest on January 12. After that, on the call of the UCDE, students of MU held a general body meeting on January 15; it was decided in the GBM that on January 20, the students will hold a One-day Hunger Strike against the tyranny of MU authorities. Finally, on January 19, the MU authorities yielded to the demands of the students and consequently revoked the suspension of Prof. Neeraj Hatekar.

Friends, this is a victory of our collective strength and organization. The protests organized by us have been an embarrassment for the MU authorities, as the whole world was watching the simmering discontent among the MU students. The UCDE has always believed that the issue of Prof. Hatekar was not simply an issue of suspension of a teacher; it was an issue of Campus Democracy. Therefore, the revocation of suspension is a victory for Campus Democracy. This also shows that we must not stop here and continue our fight to expand the democratic space within the campus. However, at this moment, we must also convey the message of this victory among all our student friends of the campus. So, the UCDE calls upon all students, teachers and karamcharis to join a VICTORY MARCH on January 20 at 9 AM in the Kalina Campus.

University Community for Democracy and Equality (UCDE)

calls everyone to join


9 AM, January 20, Kalina Campus, Mumbai University

Lets unite our voices once again to celebrate this victory for Campus Democracy!


Call issued by:

University Community for Democracy and Equality (UCDE)


[email protected], 9619039793, 9769903589, https://www.facebook.com/ucdemu

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