Being a 90 percent disabled person Prof of G N Saibaba has not been  provided with a wheel chair or commode and has been kept in egg cell which is totally unjustified says member of committee for the defence formar Justice Kolse Patil and demanded immediate release of Prof. G N Saibaba

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The constitutional rights are being violated and a person with 90 % disability got arrested as well as is not getting basic facilities which are his human rights. This is all because he was working for the rights of Adivasis. Saibaba is a person who has been continuously working for the rights of poor Adivasis and therefore he is in jail says the members of the committee for the defence and release of G N Saibaba. The committee for the defence and release of G N Saibaba held a press conference at Tilak Patrakar Bhawan on Tuesday and demanded immediate unconditional bail to Prof. G N Saibaba Claiming that Sai Baba’s arrest is against the rules. Delhi University Professor G N Saibaba was arrested in Delhi by the Maharashtra police on Friday for his alleged links with Maoists.

The Committee claimed that Prof. G N Saibaba is spending his life in an inhuman condition and the police are violating his human rights. The committee for the defense and release of G N Saibaba has been constituted, to expedite his release on bail, and to ensure that he is treated and tried in accordance with all legal and constitutional provisions.

The members criticized the police for arresting the wheel-bound professor without informing his family members. He was whisked away when he had gone to the university for spot valuation duty, for his alleged links with the Maoists.The members alleged that since his arrest, Saibaba has not been produced before a magistrate to ascertain his medical condition, adding that he does not have adequate medical assistance and his condition is deteriorating fast. “He had collapsed twice in the jail and no medical facilities have been provided to him,” said the members.

Terming the arrest as a case of kidnapping his wife alleged that the professor was targeted for working for Adivasi rights and was arrested only because he demanded a halt to the Operation Green Hunt. She added that the Gadchiroli police came to our residence in September 2013 with a search warrant which stated that the police have information that the things stolen from a house in Aheri, Maharashtra are in Sai Baba House. She continued, we were in a house arrest condition and police locked all of us in a bedroom and searched our house for almost 5 hours and did not get any stolen things instead they took away some of our belongings that too without any formality and proper sealing. She alleged that police are trying hard and harassing Sai Baba to break his willpower. Sai Baba is languishing in Nagpur Central Jail without any substantial reason for being detained and how can he go into the jungle and have links with Maoists when he can’t even walk,” said his wife.

The members demanded the release of Prof. Saibaba forthwith and he should be provided with the basic facilities on priority till he is in the jail.