This email received states

 that PrintWeek India officially withdraws as a media partner for Romancing Print 2013.
The reason is: We do not agree with the content of your seminar and invitation of Narendra Modi as a chief guest. 
Plus, an EDM about Romancing Print was sent on 20 February to the PrintWeek India database. This gave the impression to a large number of our readers that we are sponsoring the show; and have curated its content; plus the fact that PrintWeek India and I are endorsing your invitation to Narendra Modi.
As a magazine and as a publishing house in India with more than 12 years of standing, we stand by the principles of good taste, decency, progressive values, democratic principles and above all, the Constitution of India.

As editor of PrintWeek India, I don’t think Narendra Modi stands by these values; and hence the withdrawal of support.

Unfortunately, I was busy at In Store Asia for the past two days / nights and have been unable to write this note. But I had sms-ed the message to Jacob George of Press Ideas.
In the meantime, I must also mention, I’ve received calls /sms from leading members of the AIFMP; with both covert and overt threats.
This is a bit unbecoming when as a magazine we’ve partnered the AIFMP (and its key print associations) in the past, and supported Pamex and pan-India print seminars in every nook and corner of the country.
But this is the second time such a thing has happened. A few months ago, I had objected to the glorification of the Late Bal Thackeray by one of the 50 print associations of the AIFMP in their monthly print journal. 
I had sought to understand what the contribution of Bal Thackeray was to the welfare and growth of the Indian print industry; and no answer was given by the said association; except I was told, “we know best.”
This time we beg to disagree; and as a mark of our protest we withdraw our support to your event.
Thank you,
With kind regards
Ramu Ramanathan,
Group Editor,
PrintWeek India and Campaign IndiaCellphone: (0) 9821291368