Lets resolve to vote , keeping our eyes open

Today drug addiction is bring problem in Punjab Remember and vote

The  Punjabi song , by Taren Kaur a timely relrease for all state elections though specifically for punjab applies nation wide , has gone viral with 43,000 likes in 2 days .

Taren Kaur is a Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Playback Singer and Professional Kirtani (Singer of Gurbani Shabad Kirtan) from the UK. Influenced by Music from a young age and growing up with a Musical Father, she taught herself how to play the guitar, and after a short time began to write her own songs and lyrics, starting her musical journey as a singer-songwriter seriously in 2008.

She continued studying music and developing her music for the next few years, eventually going into English Playback Singing, with her music being published and gaining success in the media such as within the Hollywood Film Industry. Never forgetting her roots, she continued to be inspired by her Kirtani Father, her Ustaad Ji and other Ragi Jathas, following in their footsteps and singing Gurbani Shabad Kirtan herself also professionally.

It has always been a hope of hers to help educate and inform others about Sikhi in her own way, and recently she has begun to write songs in English, to help others learn about Sikhi and to share her love for it and music too. Her wish is to continue Playback Singing and Kirtan at professional levels and try to inspire others along the way.