Zach Cartwright 

Mizzou’s black students are evacuating campus after night of death threats and white terror.

After former University of Missouri (Mizzou) president Tim Wolfe’s forced resignation, racist groups of students have been terrorizing black students, who are now fleeing the campus for their own safety. Messages sent on anonymous messaging app YikYak threatened a mass shooting similar to one allegedly sent by the Oregon shooter the day before the incident. One threatening YikYak message cited Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law that George Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin while escaping jail time.

This compilation of YikYak messages from Mizzou students shows that white opponents of black student protesters are holding grudges as a result of Wolfe’s ouster, and that racial tension on campus is thick enough to cut with a knife.

“I am a white man and im being oppressed because I’m missing classes that I pay for because grad students are walking out because of black protests,” read one message.

“Dear black people. Sorry I’m white! Just remember though! You get $10,000 diversity scholarship to come here. I don’t. #minorityprivelage[sic],” read another.



During a meeting at Columbia, Missouri’s Black Culture center between members of #ConcernedStudent1950 — the black student group that originally called for Wolfe’s resignation citing his lack of action to racism on campus — and the Black Caucus of the Missouri state legislaturea threat was called in by a racist group, resulting in a lockdown at the building.

Other reports from Mizzou’s black students allege that white students are riding around in pickup trucks, yelling racial slurs at groups of black students. Isolated groups of racist white students are reportedly screaming “white power!” at black students passing by. Black students are currently leaving Mizzou’s campus in droves, in fear for their safety.

Twitter user @mariehaileyy said she was “shaking and crying” after a blue pickup truck with no license plate was circle her and her friends, and said she won’t be on campus tomorrow out of fear for her life despite having two exams.

Earlier tonight, Jake Horowitz, founder of, tweeted that a source of his at Mizzou described the scene on campus as “literal hell right now.”

According to Mizzou’s official Twitter account, the university maintains that there is no current emergency on campus as of the time of this writing.

US Uncut will keep a close eye on this story as it develops.