Self-proclaimed godwoman Radhe Maa was today seen sitting on the seat of SHO at Delhi’s Vivek Vihar Police Station

Delhi Police SHO at Vivek Vihar police station, Sanjay Sharma, has been taken off duty. Five other policemen seen singing with self-styled god-woman Radhe Maa in another event have also been removed

Shiv Sunny
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
Self-styled god-woman Radhey Ma with SHO Sanjay Sharma at Vivek Vihar police station in east Delhi.
Self-styled god-woman Radhey Ma with SHO Sanjay Sharma at Vivek Vihar police station in east Delhi.(Picture circulated on WhatsApp)

The station house officer (SHO) of east Delhi’s Vivek Vihar police station was taken off duty soon after his photograph with self-styled god-woman Radhe Maa seated in his office chair emerged on Thursday.

The photograph taken on September 28 shows SHO Sanjay Sharma standing next to the controversial ‘god-woman’ with folded hands and a red ‘chunri’ (stole) hanging around his neck while in uniform.

When contacted, Sharma told Hindustan Times on the phone that Radhe Maa was on her way to a Ramlila in the area and came to his police station only to use the toilet.

“She occupied my chair for a few minutes… I folded my hands and requested her to leave the office… She is a religious figure,” the SHO told this correspondent.

Sharma said he the incident happened around 11.30pm. “Her followers said she wanted to visit the washroom. So, I allowed her to use the toilet. Since it was located right behind my chair she sat on my chair without asking after coming out of the toilet,” said Sharma. There were at 15 people accompanying her. “All this got over in less than 5 minutes,” the SHO claimed.

On the same night, a group of policemen were reportedly singing along with Radhe Maa at a Ramlila in GTB Enclave. A video of the event was posted on the official Facebook page of Radhe Maa on Tuesday.

It showed a policeman singing into a microphone while Radhe Maa and his colleagues joined in chorus. They too were in uniform. The video, however, was taken down after Sharma’s photograph was shared on social media on Thursday. 
Will the SHO allow any other passerby to use washroom in his office?
Influence of so called God women is visible.

Delhi Police has initiated an inquiry against Sharma and five other policemen identified from the video – two assistant sub-inspectors, a head constable and two constables.

All of them have been sent to district lines, which means they will not be given any position or responsibility till the inquiry is on.

“The matter has been taken very seriously and an inquiry at the DCP level initiated,” said Nupur Prasad, DCP (Shahdara). She said that further action will be taken after reviewing a ‘conduct report’ in this case.