Radiation is our friend, it helps in cancer treatments and its all over the world”, claims NPCIL at the public hearing for the Haryana Atomic Power Project
By sugandh
Created 07/19/2012 – 01:02

The Public Hearing for the Haryana Atomic Power Project at Gorakhpur, Haryana, was held on July 17 in Gorakhpur village. The project concerns the construction of four nuclear power plants, in Gorakhpur Haryana, with a capacity of 700 mega watts (MW) each by Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL).

The hearing was attended by more than 300 villagers who vehemently opposed the project. The public hearing remained more of a formality on part of the NPCIL officials, who barely glossed over or downplayed several serious concerns raised by the villagers. The meeting was also cut short and lasted only for about an hour after which the officials left hastily.

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